Warzone 3: Everything you need to know about the new Call of Duty Battle Royale in 5 questions – lemon squeezer

Warzone, the Call of Duty battle royale, a true Covid-era phenomenon, saw record numbers. A success that faded with Warzone 2, a version heavily criticized by fans. The points of criticism include slow and cumbersome gameplay, complex mechanics and unattractive game modes.

With Warzone 3, whose trailer has just been released (in the shadow of that of GTA 6), Activision-Blizzard and RavenSoftware promise to return to what made the battle royale successful. so here it is Everything you need to know about Warzone 3 in 5 questions.

What are the new maps in Warzone 3?

Each new Warzone marks the arrival of a new map. Warzone 3 therefore welcomes Urzikstana map already available for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s Zombie mode.

Urzikstan consists of 11 key points of interest and brings together locations and environments reminiscent of old versions of Warzone. For example, the port looks exactly like that of Verdansk, the first map in Warzone 1.

Three game modes take place on Urzikstan: Battle Royale, Plunder and Resurgence (at three points of interest on the map).

From December 8, 2023 maps of Vondel and Ashika Island will be playable again in Resurgence.

Note that the maps will contain new environments and vehicles, including a train that can be controlled.

What game modes are there in Warzone 3?

Unlike Warzone 2 Warzone 3 comes directly with all game modes most popular among gamers.

The Battle Royale mode will of course be on the program and will take place on the Urzikstan map. There will also be a looting mode at launch.

Most notably, Resurgence mode (which was introduced much later in Warzone 2) will be available immediately, exclusively on Urzikstan for the first two days, then also on Vondel and Ashika.

How are things going with the new gulag?

Who says new Warzone says new gulag. Similar to Warzone 1, the Gulag ends not with the appearance of a flag, but with a zip line.

Players facing each other can either shoot or take the zipline to escape. Whoever escapes first wins the Gulag. Be careful: the enemy can shoot you while you are on the zip line.

Public events round off the experience. For example, with “Go Again” you can try your luck in the Gulag again. A night variant will be available later.

Warzone 3: What’s new in gameplay?

Warzone 2’s gameplay is undoubtedly the biggest drawback of this edition. RavenSoftware has apparently heard the criticism and announced a number of new gameplay features for Warzone 3.

The damn gas mask that can be put on and taken off automatically can now be handled manually. In the water, combat is improved (better visibility), but only takes place with point or pistol weapons.

Backpack management has been improved. From now on, ammunition will be placed in a designated place and will not replace other items. Additionally, item rarity has returned and ground loot has also been improved.

The biggest changes are in the movements. The Slide Cancel returns, as does tactical shooting, the ability to aim while sliding, the return of the speed boost with steam or even reloading while running (a real new feature in this Warzone 3).

And the SBMM in all this?

This is THE question that always comes up when we talk about Call of Duty. When will the publisher decide to review its SBMM? Raven Software has so far quietly given a few explanations about how its algorithm works, which is usually intended to balance the games (which is not the case at all).

While more details will be revealed later, leaks have already given a taste of the changes to come, and the news isn’t good. A document explains this The publisher is preparing to replace the SBMM with the EOMM, an algorithm that analyzes players’ games even more precisely. And who therefore adjust the levels according to these parameters. And using a VPN doesn’t change anything. You’re not done raging yet (and neither are we).