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Would you like to give a surprising and useful gift this Christmas? Several special offers on the Elephas W13-M mini video projector are currently available on the Amazon website for the end of the year holidays.

Even though the television is known for its picture quality, it is a fixed and bulky device. Mini video projectors have emerged in recent years as an affordable solution for a large, easily transportable display. At the end of the year, Amazon is offering deals on several products, including the Elephas W13-M, which is even experiencing several special promotions. The base price is 109.99 euros, a 9% discount increases the price to 99.99 euros. Additionally, you can get an additional 5% discount for 2 items purchased from the same seller using the code “LVANFS2V”. Please note that in addition to free delivery to your home, the item can exceptionally be returned until January 31, 2024.

What can the Elephas W13-M mini video projector do?

The Elephas W13-M is a mini projector that recently caught the eye on Amazon and has some interesting features. With this model you benefit from high image quality with a resolution of 1080p and a contrast of 10000:1 for detailed content in vivid colors. The brightness is 15,000 lumens, which allows for correct display in multiple ambient lighting conditions. The screen size can range from 30 inches to 200 inches to give you a real pocket cinema at home or outdoors. To stream your content, you can use the different ports available, just like your smartphone with the wireless connection. For a better experience, it is recommended to pair the Elephas W13-M with a TV stick, especially to access a whole range of applications.

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