This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago –

Gaming News This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

Published on September 12, 2023 at 1:20 p.m


At the end of his life, the Super Famicom housed one of his last role-playing games, which remains unique to this day thanks to a very special element: its magic system. Almost thirty years later, we (almost) haven’t done any better, especially with such an original adventure.

In the second half of the 90s in Japan The Super Famicom continued to host games while the next generation of consoles were already available, the first PlayStation has been around since 1994. In recent years, Nintendo’s 16-bit machine has received some gems, particularly in the area of ​​role-playing games. In 1996 alone, the year the Nintendo 64 was released, Japanese gamers were treated to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Star Ocean, Bahamut Lagoon… In short said, only worthy representatives of the genre on the console. The same year, Squaresoft publishes a role-playing game that is still unique today due to its extremely original magic system: Rudora no Hihou.

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An original in the Square catalog

This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

Rudra no Hihou, also known as Treasure of the Rudras, was released exclusively in Japan and on Super Famicom on April 5, 1996 and has the peculiarity of being so Squaresoft’s latest game to release on console. This project is also very special because we don’t find any of the company’s usual big names in development. In production, it is Kouzi Ide who holds the position of director, as was the case with Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and Final Fantasy Legend III, the third installment of the SaGa series. If the man is used to Final Fantasy spin-offs, it’s quite surprising that these are the only three titles he’s even worked on Rudora no Hihou is the last game he directed before leaving the world of video games. This observation also applies to the main artist Keita Amemiya or the composer Ryuji Sasai, who are not the best-known names at Squaresoft. Their presence thus gives the title a unique aura that sets it apart from other games in the Squaresoft catalog..

This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

As for the game itself, Rudora no Hihou has a fairly classic structure, being an RPG with turn-based combat, with a side view reminiscent of the SNES Final Fantasy. However, the first originality is found on the page of history. The title presents us with a universe in which every 4000 years The gods send a being called Rudra to remove a race from the surface of the earth to make way for a new race. So after the Danans, there were the sirens, the reptiles, the giants, and now it’s the humans who populate the planet. The plot of the title begins when the arrival of the next Rudra occurs in fifteen days and humans have polluted the environment and plunged the world into endless darkness. In order to prevent the extinction of humanity, the player takes on the role of four heroes who, after completing their mission, can fight with jaden, stones from Rudra.

With its apocalyptic setting, Rudora no Hihou’s story is already basically original enough to be highlighted, but that’s not all, as its structure is just as atypical. Like a Live a Live or a SaGa, The game is divided into three scenarios for each of the main characters : Sion, the soldier, Riza, the priestess, and Surlent, the archaeologist. Once these three intrigues are completed, the player can discover the fourth adventure with Dune, Thief, which takes place at the end of the two weeks and brings our four heroes together to face the final threat.

This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

This structure is also original because the player can play each scenario in the order he wants and even leave it midway to continue with another character. This can be handy because Actions in one story can have consequences in another, both in scenario and gameplay. For example, it is possible to leave an item in one place for another hero to pick up. To top it off, there is even a day/night cycle and the more tasks the player completes, the faster humanity’s last fifteen days pass. Finally, it must be emphasized The title offers particularly beautiful graphics for the Super Famicom, with fairly detailed sprites, which is pretty logical since it was released at the end of the console’s lifespan. If, despite all this, Rudora no Hihou has what it takes to become one of the strongest RPGs on the Super Famicom, then that’s not to mention its magic system, which has given the game its reputation over the years.

A magical system full of combinations

This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

In the vast majority of role-playing games, the player can only use a limited number of spells pre-designed by the developers, such as: B. Fireballs, lightning, earthquakes… Where Rudora no Hihou is What sets it apart from the others is that it gives the player complete creativity with its magic system. Concrete, Each character has a spell book into which they can enter magical words, which can then be combined into a spell called a mantra. Therefore, there are mainly nine Kotodama, words that denote the elements (fire, water, wind, electricity, light, darkness, earth, nothingness and care) and more You can add a prefix and a suffix to give the spell a new effect. This can make him stronger, cause him to hit multiple enemies, or apply a condition. For example, Aku is the water element Kotodama, Aku-tei-umu is the powerful version that only attacks a single enemy, while Guran-aku-na hits all enemies at once.

This RPG features the craziest magic system ever and was released almost 30 years ago

At first, The characters only know certain words, but can of course learn new ones as the adventure progresses. This is the case, for example, by copying the formulas used by enemies in battle or by observing formulas that are at the bottom of certain chests. In addition to these DIY spells, there are single-word mantras, mostly in English, that can be obtained by speaking to characters or reading books. These are often powerful magics where the use of prefixes and suffixes makes no sense, as this sometimes makes them less effective. But that’s not all. One of his mantras allows you to copy the spells of enemies that are even more powerfuleven if he is very greedy for magic points.

Thanks to this system With Rudora no Hihou you can create an impressive number of combinations to get the most powerful spells. Obviously, not all spells are equally effective and some mixtures can be completely useless. Despite everything, there is room for creativity among players, who can constantly benefit from a sense of discovery. For all the wealth it offers, There is reason to be disappointed when you see that Rudora no Hihou never left the borders of Japan. But when we see how Live a Live was treated, which was entitled to a 2D HD remake on Nintendo Switch despite being in the same situation until then, there’s something to dream about…

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