The Tesla Cybertruck has a range of 290 miles (466 km) in the test model – Electrek.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a range of 290 miles 466

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in a test unit with a range of around 290 miles (426 km) ahead of tomorrow’s delivery.

As is known, the automaker has stopped working with media in the US since dissolving its PR department in 2020.

Today, there are only a handful of publications and content creators in North America that Tesla sometimes provides review units to – namely Motor Trend, Jay Leno and MKBHD.

The latter has now even managed to gain access to a Cybertruck before tomorrow’s launch and has posted a teaser on Instagram:

The image only shows the Cybertruck’s steering wheel and a small part of the center display.

The latter reveals the range of the Cybertruck:

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This is the displayed range, i.e. the current range of the vehicle. In previous sightings of the Cybertruck Center display, Telsa engineers used charge level percentages, which prevented us from seeing range.

In a recent sighting, we were able to calculate the range in percent based on a target in the Cyberturck’s navigation system and the charge level.

In total, the range was approximately 267 miles – almost the same as this sighting.

However, it looks like this Cybertruck tested by MKBHD is actually about 90% charged, not 100%.

It seems that at 100% there should be another white stripe for a total of 10:

The Tesla Cybertruck has a range of 290 miles 466

This would put the range closer to 290 miles (466 km), but that is the indicated range which takes environmental factors and current driving behavior (speed and acceleration) into account.

It won’t be the official EPA range that the Cybertruck will receive, and Tesla will be able to advertise and announce it at the delivery event tomorrow.

However, based on these two most recent sightings, the number should be relatively close to that number.

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