Sunbird blocks its app that is too unsafe with iMessages – Mac4Ever

After years of inaction and ridicule, Apple has decided to move to the RCS standard, but on its own terms, as it will not abandon the security of iMessage. Nothing’s experiments put security to the test.

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Don’t touch my blue bubble!

Last week we learned that the company Nothing had been tinkering with a system that would allow its users to profit from blue bubbles. To do this, she had set up a kind of squadron with Mac minis. And it was this one who sent/received the messages to forward them to your correspondent on Android! For this purpose, the company used the iCloud identifiers provided voluntarily during registration.

As one can imagine, the gathering was far from secure and resulted in access to normally encrypted personal information : Last name, first name, phone number, email, postal addresses and other elements of contact sheets or vCards!

Sunbird blocks its app that is too unsafe with iMessages

Obviously, Nothing needed to end this adventure quickly and stop the Nothing chats. In practice, let’s remember that she had simply gone through one Service provider, Sunbird to ensure compatibility between the Nothing Chats messaging application.

And now it is Sunbird’s turn to suspend the activity of its platform – which the company formalized through an email to its users. In fact, she stated that she is investigating the security issues raised by the Nothing Chats application. Launched in 2022, the Sunbird app should serve cross-platform and support iMessage, SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp –a kind of interoperability before its time!