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Although it’s not the highly anticipated Steam Deck 2, this new version brings significant changes that go far beyond a simple OLED screen.

Steam Deck OLED The OLED screen is not the onlySource: Gamers Nexus

Are you coming back from vacation? Please note that Valve has introduced the Steam Deck OLED. This is not Steam Deck 2, it will be released in 2 to 3 years. It is a Steam with an OLED screen, but not only that …

Did you think Valve would just change the screen of its Steam Deck? Think again! The new Steam Deck OLED, which is not the Steam Deck 2 planned in 2 to 3 years, hides a lot more under its hood.

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Gamers Nexus got its hands dirty and discovered that Valve has really overhauled its portable PC. When you look at the circuit board, you immediately notice that the components are better arranged. The heart of the machine is now engraved with 6 nanometer technology, smaller than the old 7 nanometer technology. And despite this change, Valve ensures that performance remains the same.

Less noise

The reduction in the number of components is also reflected in the memory configuration: In contrast to the four 4 GB modules of the LCD model, the Steam Deck OLED has two modules of 8 GB each. The RAM (LPDDR5) gains speed and increases to 6,400 MT/s instead of 5,500 MT/s.

1699904665 459 Steam Deck OLED The OLED screen is not the onlySource: Gamers Nexus

Another notable change: a new fan that experts say is quieter, improving the user experience. In addition, this new model would be easier to repair, a news that should delight fans of customization and maintenance.

1699904667 785 Steam Deck OLED The OLED screen is not the onlySource: Gamers Nexus

The most visible development is of course the screen: goodbye LCD, hello OLED! The size increases to 7.4 inches, slightly larger than the previous 7 inches, and the refresh rate increases to 90Hz, compared to 60Hz on the old model.

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