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Solonium Infernum

To Armello, Jumplight Odyssey, the studio League of Geeks still working on his next project turn-based strategy game. appointment Solium InfernumIt marks the return of the license of the same name, whose first game was released in 2009. Set in a hellish world is the goal of League of Geeks Maintain the spirit and original gameplay of the game while improving the whole thing.

Planned for February 14, 2024 on PCon the occasion PC game showA new trailer Insightful Play style has been revealed and can already be added Wishlist on Steam.

Official press release:

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Solium Infernum releases February 14th, new Hell strategy trailer revealed
Betray and stab your friends in the back in multiplayer mode or become the new ruler of Hell in new single-player scenarios.

MELBOURNE – December 4, 2023 – League of Geeks, the developers of the hit indie strategy game Armello and the roguelike colony simulator Jumplight Odyssey, today announced that Solium Infernum will be released for PC via Steam on February 14, 2024. This news includes a new hellish strategy trailer that was shown during the PC Gaming Show. The studio also announced an upcoming multiplayer playtest in early 2024.–-Dol.jpg–-Dol.jpg

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Solium Infernum is a political strategy game that mixes deceptions, intrigue and betrayal in hell. Based on the cult game by Vic Davis, players fight to become rulers of the infernal regions. The game includes both a single-player mode with new story scenarios and skirmishes, and an online multiplayer mode with custom asynchronous games for up to six players.

As one of eight great archfiends of hell, players must outdo their rivals to claim the vacant Hell throne by mastering politics and military strategy. With a variety of tactics available to players, they will bluff, betray and sow treachery on their way to victory. Solium Infernum also offers a range of gameplay options, from 2-4 hour single-player games to epic six-player multiplayer games that only require a few minutes of play per day.–-Dol.jpg–-Dol.jpg

“Solium Infernum has a lot to offer both strategy enthusiasts and newcomers. “We have worked diligently to create a game that is suitable for all players, from those who prefer single-player experiences to those who love competing, betraying and betraying their friends online,” he said Trent Kusters, co-founder and director of League of Geeks. “Our addition of asynchronous multiplayer makes Solium Infernum accessible to any game plan, and we can’t wait to see the new rulers of Hell take their thrones.”

Strategy fans who want to experience the multiplayer experience of Solium Infernum can take part in a multiplayer test Early next year, more details coming soon.

Solium Infernum will be released on PC via Steam February 14, 2024. Players can now add it to their wishlists in both stores. For more information, please visit the game’s official website and add Solium Infernum to your Steam wishlist now.

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