SODEC – SODEC will support 20 emerging creative projects in the production phase – Featured –

SODEC – SODEC will support 20 emerging creative projects in

SODEC will support 20 emerging creative projects in the production phase

As part of the project, SODEC will support the production of two full-length feature films, 13 short feature films and five documentary projects emerging creation assistance program, subordinate to the general management of development and audiovisual production. The projects were selected from the 29 submissions submitted for submission on August 30th. Of the 20 projects selected, 18 had received financial support in the development phase under the same program.

The projects receiving financial support for production are:


Back at home
motion pictures
Screenplay and direction: Marianne Métivier
Production: Metafilms Inc.
Distribution: Studios H264 Inc.

Back Home is a documentary that examines the reality of Filipino migrant mothers living in Montreal. The film intimately explores the idea of ​​care, separation and a sense of belonging to their homeland. The traditional use of the balikbayan box with gifts sent to her family abroad creates a fragmented motherhood.

Call in sick
Animated short film
Screenplay and direction: Florence Lafond
Production: Les Productions Club Vidéo inc.

Caller Sick is a short documentary combining animation and live action in which the writer and director shares her personal experiences as a caregiver in the heart of the pandemic; In addition, intimate conversations with her grandmother about her own loss of autonomy intertwined. Therefore, this film aims to be a profound reflection on our relationship with age, in an open, gentle and sometimes even comical tone. But above all, this film is first and foremost a letter of apology, even a love letter, that he dedicates to his grandmother.

The promise of scorched lands
Medium length
Screenplay and direction: Valentin Proult
Production: Les Films Extérieur Jour inc.
Distribution: K-Movies America

Tasty, deadly, hallucinogenic and medicinal mushrooms have always been part of our civilizations. The fire morel, which is ranked second in the world due to its exceptional taste qualities, is now causing a craze that is like a gold rush. With this documentary we delve into the heart of the ravaged expanses of Western Canada’s scorched forests, into the captivating story of the search for this extraordinary mushroom.


motion pictures

Creatures of chance
Screenplay and direction: Nadine Gomez
Production: Cosmos Films Inc.
Distribution: Studios H264 Inc.

Lucia, 8 years old, navigates between the gambling that obsesses those around her, her mother Isabel, who is too often absent, and her grandmother Regina, rebellious and ageless, who always comes and goes. Witnessing Regina’s last great comeback, Lucia must learn to find her place in this colorful family clan that is essentially female but not always ideal, for better or worse.

Pack full of problems
Screenplay and direction: Myriam Guimond
Production: Why Productions Inc.
Distribution: K-Movies America

Karim, a teenager with perfect pitch and a bright future as a musician, learns that he suffers from schizophrenia. Angered by this announcement and surrounded by his mother and sister, he will try to find his identity, even going so far as to put himself in danger. “Package of Troubles” tells the story of Karim and his family, who, upended by mental illness, have to show resilience, sometimes completely helpless, to accept what is.

Short films

To boys my age
Screenplay and direction: Alexia Roc
Production: Target 9 Inc.
Distribution: Film Option International Inc.

At Minotaure Dance Day Camp, 13-year-old Sasha, a young camper who is a bit of a tomboy, meets her big sister’s ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old dance teacher Steak, every day. Their brotherly relationship is characterized by dancing, laughter and great conversations. But at a party after a day at camp, Steak and his friends cross the line into sexual misconduct. Sasha, who is present at the party without Steak’s knowledge, reluctantly discovers this dark version of the young man, dampening her desire to leave her childhood behind.

Adventure FM
Screenplay and direction: Martin Pariseau
Production: 9457-4977 Quebec Inc.

Dragos is 27 years old and lives in a psychiatric institution with Asperger’s syndrome. Alexandru, 26, is Dragos’ brother: they are very close and see each other every week on approved outings. Alexandru genuinely wants to give Dragos a sense of normality and give him the best quality of life possible. For this reason, he hired Yasmine, a sex worker, to play the role of Dragos’ lover. During one of her outings with brothers one summer afternoon, everything changes.

Exquisite corpse
Screenplay and direction: Lorenzo Sterzi
Production: 8901104 Canada Inc. (The Lost&Kik Films)

A stormy evening, a funeral service. Emmanuelle, a transvestite, settles accounts with the deceased’s widow. Was Pierre, her husband, hiding a secret? Among the crowd, old fanatics, ballerinas in tutus, a great singer, in short, people you meet throughout your life. And colorful umbrellas everywhere! As if nothing had any meaning, as if everything was just an exquisite corpse

Written and directed by Chedly Bouzouaia
Production: Les Productions Roméo & Fils inc.
Distribution: The film distributor

At the center of this story is Camil, a 17-year-old boy of mixed origins who, since childhood, disguises his Arabic roots, which he inherited from his father, and finds refuge in the Western characteristics he inherited from his mother. . As Camil becomes aware of this shame-filled identity split, the turbulent relationship he had with his father ends abruptly after his sudden and unexpected death. During his father’s funeral, Camil is confronted with Muslim customs by entering a mosque for the first time, which will cause a culture shock for him.

Screenplay and direction: Yza Nouiga
Production: Les Films Cosmos Inc.
Distribution: Travel

In 1975, in a village in southern Morocco, 24-year-old Meriem defied her illiteracy and wrote to her husband, from whom she had not heard since his departure.

Screenplay and direction: Gaëlle Graton
Production: UGO Multimedia Internet Stands Inc.
Distribution: H264

In an unmapped area from the 19th century, 25-year-old Claire works as a cooking assistant for a group of expedition fishermen. One evening, while preparing dinner, she expressed to Guillaume, the group’s leader, her desire to perfect her fishing techniques. Guillaume is fascinated by her interest in her profession and invites her to the quay to teach her the basics. But when Claire faces the worst during this impromptu night fishing, it is Saule, the group’s nurse, who realizes that she is the only one who can help her. In a frantic race against time and darkness, the two women must seek shelter and have no choice but to treat their respective wounds.

The taste of your scale
Screenplay and direction: Rafaël Beauchamp
Production: Vlimeuses Productions Inc.
Distribution: H264

Jasmin Lambert has always lived in the shadow of her father René, the charismatic president of a gigantic and disturbing fish factory. But when an emergency requires the boss’s presence on site one evening, Jasmin finally has the chance to prove herself in front of her father. As the boy explores his future legacy for the first time, he begins a slow descent into a sticky and unsettling reality against his will, as his idol’s perfect facade gradually crumbles.

Mr. Séguin’s goats
Screenplay: Emma-Jeanne Robitaille
Director: Alexandre Pelletier
Production: Atelier Pimiento Productions Inc.

The film “Les Chèvres de monsieur Séguin”, an adaptation of the Provençal fairy tale by Alphonse Daudet entitled “La Chèvres de monsieur Séguin”, tells the tragic story of Blanquette in a highly symbolic story. Les Chèvres de Monsieur Séguin reinterprets a classic story to denounce violence against women and femicide. Blanquette, a goat, believes he has found his place in the sun with Monsieur Séguin and discovers that his farmer is controlling and violent. She tries to protect her goats from the wrath of Monsieur Séguin as he gradually turns into a wolf. As the violence escalates, Blanquette tries to escape, but finds that no goat can escape her tyrant.

Tuesday morning
Screenplay and direction: Jean-François Leblanc
Production: Productions Ô Films inc.
Distribution: H264

Caroline is a detective in the SQ. That Tuesday morning, she traveled with her partner to a routine meeting with a witness. Little does Caroline know that her life will be turned upside down forever. Tuesday Morning tells these few minutes in real time and using a single recording.

Us without you
Screenplay and direction: Clara Prévost
Production: Hunters Films Inc.
Distribution: Coop Spira

After a few years of absence, Vincent reappears in the life of his ten-year-old son, whose mother is at the end of her life. With play and imagination, they overcome the embarrassment of being alone together and tame each other step by step.

Screenplay: Jean-Martin Gagnon, Guillaume Harvey
Director: Jean Martin Gagnon
Production: Tak Films Inc.
Distribution: Travel

In not-too-distant Quebec, 14-year-old Tremblay is trying to secure a spot on his new ice hockey team, the Harfangs d’Alma. To do this, he must run in the same direction as Vézina, the team’s crazy leader, and hit the Innu in his region on the heads.

Screenplay and direction: Marilou Caravecchia-Pelletier
Production: Voyelles Films Productions Inc.

Mathilde, 9 years old, hates synchronized swimming. The perfection and beauty that this discipline imparts weighs heavily on him. Despite everything, the national competition is getting closer and closer. Sandwiched between a strict coach full of ambition, parents who want to teach her courage and perseverance, a perfect big sister and swimmers with whom she has few affinities, the pressure is at its highest. In her pursuit of freedom and individuality, Mathilde forgoes choreography during the competition. In front of everyone and without the consent of others, she will retire from synchronized swimming.

The beehive
Screenplay and direction: Clara Milo
Production: Colonelle Films Inc.
Distribution: H264

Adeline is the new member of a cult made up of several other young pregnant girls. When she’s responsible for delivering a pot of milk to the neighboring chapel, she discovers a dirty truth that makes her doubt the goodness of those around her.



Cut the rope
motion pictures
Screenplay and direction: Émilie Porry
Production: Productions Colorées inc.
Distribution: Natyf TV

Is the bond between mother and child long-term? Sarah and her mother Khadoudja are very close. Despite the humble environment in which they live, they always find something to laugh about at others and themselves. But Sarah is growing up and her desire for emancipation threatens to test the very special relationship she has with her mother.

The asylum
motion pictures
Written and directed by David Sanchez
Production: Frangine 01 Inc.
Distribution: Coop Spira

A mega-techno-industrial development project is to be built in the working-class district of Limoilou in Quebec. In response to the associated threat of gentrification, citizens organize themselves to resist and reclaim the territory they inhabit. An old urban garage, intended to become a high-tech center, becomes the cornerstone of this struggle. Activists are calling for self-government to develop initiatives with a social focus, such as urban agriculture, shared workshops and a meeting place. The asylum plunges us into the ebb and flow of a movement of territorial reappropriation in which residents compete with forces and interests beyond themselves.


SODEC’s mission is to promote and support the development of cultural enterprises in Quebec and abroad in the audiovisual, book, publishing, craft and art market, music, entertainment and digital sectors. SODEC is also mandated to protect and promote a heritage real estate portfolio of 32 buildings that reflects Quebec’s identity.