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Samsung could offer a Galaxy S Ultra in a smaller format and a Galaxy Z Fold Lite. Challenging concepts discussed internally.

The Samsung Galaxy S24s should not be long in coming, it is expected in mid-January 2024. While this new series shouldn’t upset the established, with still three models, a Vanilla, a Plus and an Ultra, Samsung is reportedly working on a significant change in the organization of its range.

According to the leaker Revegnus, which has already distinguished itself with verified leaks on Samsung products, the Seoul company is reportedly considering offering a new form factor. This would come after the launch of the Galaxy S25, leaving plenty of room for development and customization.

A Samsung Galaxy S Ultra mini?

Two projects would be discussed internally. The former could enrich the FE series (Fan Edition) with a more powerful model. The leaker even mentions a format similar to the iPhone Pro that would share the Galaxy S Ultra’s specs but without the very large screen. This would enable direct competition with the iPhone 15 Pro, which at 6.1 inches has a relatively small format for very high-quality performance and photo equipment.

Many smartphone users complain that our phones tend to become overweight. Others regret that the most equipped smartphones on the market, especially in photography, are always the largest. A reality reinforced by the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro, which now creates a distance effect between the Pro and the Pro Max by reserving the Periscope X5 for the Pro Max.

Two titles for the Galaxy Z Fold Lite

The other interesting avenue that Samsung engineers are currently exploring would be a Galaxy Z Fold Lite. Two prototypes were reportedly created: one with a smaller external screen and the other without an external screen.

The idea of ​​a Galaxy Z Fold with a single folding screen seems quite logical on paper, as many folding users declare that they don’t use the external screen at all. This would also make it possible to offer folding smartphones a little cheaper.

More broadly, this Lite model could actually replace the Galaxy Z Flip for easier range.

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