Police warn parents about new iPhone feature – The Hill

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Some law enforcement agencies are urging iPhone users to be cautious following a new update.

The Middletown Division of Police in Ohio posted a warning to parents on Facebook over the weekend regarding the “NameDrop” feature included in the iOS 17 update.

This feature allows users to easily share their contact information with another iPhone or Apple Watch by holding the devices very close to each other.

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After the devices are connected, you can choose whether to share your information or receive the other person’s information. Apple says you can also cancel the transfer by locking your phone or moving the devices apart before the process is complete.

The company also stated on its website that NameDrop only works for sending new information and not for updating a contact already saved on your phone.

“PARENTS: Don’t forget to change these settings on your child’s phone to ensure their safety,” the Middletown Division of Police wrote in its Facebook post.

Police warn parents about new iPhone feature – The Hill

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan also issued a warning about this feature, which is enabled by default with the new update.

The sheriff’s office said that while you can refuse to share your information, “many people don’t check their settings and understand how their phone works.”

If you want to turn off the feature, go to Settings, tap General, then tap AirDrop. Turn off the “Bring devices together” option.

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