PlayStation: The future DualSense controller could help you when you get stuck in a game – Frandroid

Sony is reportedly working on a future version of its DualSense controller for PlayStation, a controller that will help you out when you get stuck mid-game.

The ergonomics of the DualSense controller, the good idea for the PS5Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

If you believe a patent filed on November 30, 2023, Sony would have an idea for a future version of its DualSense controller for PlayStation and PC. This could give players clues when they get stuck in a game, using a machine learning model to predict when they need help.

When the DualSense comes to the aid of gamers

This patent, spotted on the GameRant website, describes technology that could make the DualSense controller much more than just a simple peripheral, but also an in-game help system.

Specifically, Sony would develop a machine learning model that measures a player’s performance to assess whether they need help with, for example, a complicated puzzle.

PlayStation The future DualSense controller could help you when youThis is how the DualSense’s help system would work // Source: Sony

When necessary, the controller’s buttons light up to show the player how to get out, suggesting actions to follow. This applies to both classic buttons and triggers as well as analog sticks.

This system will come with the touchpad in the middle of the DualSense controller, which would also serve as a screen. This visually displays the key combinations to press when the controller comes to the player’s aid.

Accessibility, a priority for PlayStation

When it comes to console accessibility, PlayStation is gradually catching up with Xbox. The machine’s recent first-party games have all offered numerous options to make their experience more accessible to all viewers, such as The Last of Us Part II or Rachet & Clank: Rift Apart. Whether it’s different From accommodating disabilities to simply making gameplay easier for less dedicated gamers, PlayStation Studios’ games now offer a wealth of possibilities.

Recently, Sony released its Access Controller, a fully customizable controller that helps gamers with disabilities. This new patent is a step in the right direction, although nothing guarantees us that the technology described in it will be implemented in a future iteration of the DualSense. Many of these patents are filed preemptively and most are not realized.