(PHOTOS) CHSLD Boisvert needs you – Le Manic

The CHSLD Boisvert in Baie-Comeau is making an appeal to the community. He is looking for volunteers to keep seniors company and improve the lives of the most vulnerable. Meeting new people and making enriching contacts is what awaits you at CHSLD Boisvert.

Located at 70 Avenue Mance, the long-term care facility welcomes residents who need special attention and want to enlist the help of generous people.

“We urgently need reinforcements for individual activities with the residents. Currently I am with five volunteers, but before the pandemic we were a team of 20 to 25 volunteers,” says Samuel Kerr, activities manager at CHSLD Boisvert.

“They were quite elderly volunteers and they didn’t want to risk their health and make themselves sick,” he adds. In fact, after the COVID-19 pandemic, many volunteers had to give up their activities for health reasons and for self-protection.

“When you become a volunteer, you help maintain user autonomy. We help them reduce their moments of anxiety for those who are the loneliest and preserve their memory for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. There are many residents who have no family and are on their own, which can cause great anxiety, so having volunteers is very helpful,” explains Mr Kerr.

As a volunteer, you can provide valuable support to the activities organized by the team, be it by attending games, helping out at special events or simply lending a listening ear.

“We organize lots of activities, brunch, bingo and bowling. We have Santa Claus coming on December 25th to give presents. The festive decorations on every floor are also thanks to the volunteers in Boisvert. Otherwise, I am on my own and organize large events that would be difficult to manage alone,” says Samuel Kerr.

This unique experience allows you to grow, learn and make a real difference in the lives of CHSLD Boisvert residents.

“We must not think that we have everything we need. Having volunteers helps us tremendously and is a great need. We are trying to advertise to help residents in a difficult time,” concluded the activities supervisor of CHSLD Boisvert.