Pfizer lays off between 60 and 70 employees in Quebec: “It is not easy for our colleagues to leave”

Pfizer will lay off between 60 and 70 workers in Quebec by the end of next month to “realign company-wide costs and operate more efficiently,” it says. The newspaper.

“It is not easy to see our colleagues go, and we do not make these decisions lightly,” Pfizer Canada spokesperson Christina Antoniou admitted to the Journal in an emailed statement.

How many employees will there still be in Quebec? In which places? Pfizer declined to provide those details on Monday.

“Changes are implemented gradually and vary from industry to industry,” it said laconically.

“Our primary goal is to keep the impact on colleagues as low as possible and to take advantage of vacant positions or, where possible, transfer talent to other positions within the company,” explained Christina Antoniou.

At the same time, she emphasized that workers leaving the ship “will benefit from significant support.”

Pfizer is worth $225 billion on the stock market. Its medicines and vaccines are among the most widely prescribed in the world.

More than 46,000 jobs

According to Montréal International (MI), there are more than 46,000 jobs in life sciences and health technologies in our private companies. More than 80% of Quebec’s ecosystem lies in the Greater Montreal area.

Moderna, Sandoz, Baxter, GSK, Philips, Novartis and Dynacare have a footprint here, mentions the organization responsible for raising capital for us.

Nevertheless, according to MI, mRNA, AI for diagnostics and health, precision medicine, cell and gene therapies, and the development of biological products, including vaccines, are considered niche areas of the future.

-In collaboration with Philippe Langlois