Paid $17.50/hour to change boxes; Amazon employee brags on TikTok

An Amazon employee filmed herself making sure packages were positioned correctly on the conveyor belt. In her video posted on TikTok, she writes, “I get paid $17.50/hour for this lol.”

The 59-second video uploaded yesterday by user Pretty Girl (@jusgayy) has already garnered 3.5 million views, 310,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments.

However, the young woman, who appears indifferent and almost bored with her work, offended certain Internet users who claimed in the comments that the video was misleading.

“I worked in an Amazon warehouse doing the same thing and I promise you that’s NOT the only thing you’ll be asked to do ‘lol’,” commented one user, who has already racked up almost 7,500 likes.

“It is anything but an easy task. The mental strength required for this is greatly underestimated, says another internet user. I hope they let you listen to music.”

However, several other users asked questions about the position the young woman holds.

“I would dream of this job. It seems so easy,” said another internet user.

According to information from the website Warehouse Ninja, shared by Daily Dot, the TikToker’s job would be “sorting.”

“’Sorting’ is the process of arranging inventory in an appropriate storage location for later retrieval,” one of the most common tasks in warehouses, according to the American website.