Ottawa is open to an Eastern REM: “The East has been neglected”

The Trudeau government’s transportation minister, Pablo Rodriguez, says he’s willing to put the money on the table for a future REM de l’Est in Montreal if it’s the structuring project the community needs.

“There needs to be something like REM, which has several stations in the east, including the northeast,” Transportation Minister Pablo Rodriguez said in an interview with the Journal.

The Quebec lieutenant made this statement on Monday morning on the sidelines of the East Summit at the Olympic Stadium.

“This is the type of investment we support,” the minister continued, saying he was proud that the blue line was finally developing.

Talks with Quebec

In his opinion, structuring of transport is necessary. “We have to discuss with Quebec what it will look like,” he explained. He says he’s open to REM if it’s the intended project.

“The East has been neglected, now it’s our turn,” emphasized Honoré-Mercier MP.

However, when he is ready to pull out the checkbook for REM, Minister Pablo Rodriguez does not believe that there will be an airport in this corner of the metropolis.

Earlier in the day, the Legault government announced the creation of the Society for the Development of Land in the East of Montreal (SMTEM) by allocating $100 million for the acquisition of industrial land to develop this sector of the island from Montreal.

Originally posted 2023-11-13 17:04:26.