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The gaming version of the Opera web browser introduces a new, somewhat special feature. Opera GX now has a “panic button” that allows you to quickly hide inappropriate content you may be viewing on your PC.

Could Opera GX, the gaming version of Opera, become the browser of choice for fans of pornographic sites? The latest update definitely has a strong argument for it. Its publisher, Opera Software, has just announced the launch of a new feature that has no purpose other than to get you out of a sticky situation. Opera GX Now includes a panic button that allows you to easily hide “old-fashioned” content and other inappropriate websites you may consult before you are caught in the act.

A way to no longer be caught in the act

According to a recent study by Opera, 36% of respondents admitted to seeing inappropriate content at school or work. Among this inappropriate content, more than half of the respondents said they had visited social networks, commercial websites or even pornographic websites, and almost a third of them were caught. The same observation at home, where almost half of respondents reported being caught red-handed consulting online content (of all kinds) that they shouldn’t have.

To avoid these embarrassing situations, Opera has found the solution. The Norwegian publisher has integrated a panic button into Opera GX, which, when activated, mutes the browser, pauses reading of all tabs and forces a new, completely neutral window to open. And it is the F12 key on the keyboard that you need to press to enable (or disable) this panic button. A new, neutral window will then open and redirect you to one of the sites pre-registered in the browser, such as Github, X, Google or YouTube.

A feature that must be activated in advance

Of course, this panic button applies not only to situations where you might be visiting adult websites, but also to any cases where you get caught doing something other than what you’re supposed to be doing.

“The next time your boss suddenly returns early from lunch while you’re streaming League of Legends tournaments, you can quickly press the F12 key and the panic button will activate. » advises, with great irony, Opera software on his blog.

However, Opera GX’s panic button is not available by default. To use it, you must first activate the option Early bird by Opera GX. You can find it by going to Settings of the browser, at the bottom of the page GX section.

Opera Gx panic button© 01net.com

You will then need to restart the browser to apply the changes. The only downside is that Opera doesn’t provide an option to customize the shortcut for this panic button. If the F12 key on your laptop is also used for another function on your device, don’t forget to activate the Fn key on your keyboard, otherwise you risk a real panic this time.

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