Olivier Primeau leaves the pizzas behind: “I lost money like on several adventures in my life”

BeachClub owner Olivier Primeau ended his plan to open Slice Gang Pizza pizzerias across Quebec last summer after he was the victim of several arson attacks. The company will arrange the final details with the insolvency administrator.

“The project was affected. It wasn’t really attractive to franchisees anymore, so we closed the company. At the moment we are dealing with the creditors,” Olivier Primeau told the Journal on Tuesday.

Last May, a man was arrested in Sainte-Thérèse when he set fire to the Slice Gang pizzeria, which was targeted for the second time in less than 24 hours.

“We were in negotiations for commercial leases to open some, but when events arose I took a step back,” he continued.

“I lost money, like in several adventures in my life, but lost one, found 25,” said the entrepreneur optimistically.

Anglo name

Two years ago, Le Journal reported on debates sparked by the Anglo-American name of its pizzerias.

“It’s such a simple excuse from defenders of the French language: ‘Change the name of your restaurants,’” he denounced.

Last March, Le Journal reported that Olivier Primeau had owned 36% of Quebec’s authorized water volume for less than a year.

– In collaboration with Philippe Langlois

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