Nothings Chats is a fiasco: the iMessage-compatible Android app has already been removed from the Play Store –

Despite promises of end-to-end encryption, Sunbird and its companion app Nothing Chats have failed to deliver on their promises. Recent revelations suggest that user data is easily accessible in plain text, highlighting significant privacy concerns. The app has been removed from the Play Store.

Nothing Chats, an iMessage compatible Android application

In recent years, Apple has been encouraged to adopt the RCS protocol to improve the user experience when sending messages between Android and iOS. Waiting for, This lack of compatibility led to certain applications.

Nothing, a high-tech brand founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has also forayed into this market with Nothing Chats. It is an application from Sunbird, an Android and web platform that offers users the opportunity to do soBring together the world’s most popular email apps into a single inbox.

Last week, Nothing launched the Nothing Chats app in beta for Nothing phone users. Unfortunately that was the case removed from the Google Play Store just a few days later because of a Security issue.

Back and safety

Sunbird claims on its website that users’ messages are inaccessible and end-to-end encrypted. A statement in line with Nothing. However, this is revealed by the blog, which tried to find out more about the Nothing Chats app These were retained.

Investigations by site researchers made this possible Nothing Chats sends attachments with visible links in plain text. Additionally, all user data is sent and stored via Firebase (a web and mobile app development platform). without any encryption.

These observations were published in a blog post on The article shows that messages sent using the Sunbird system are not actually end-to-end encrypted. Fact, User contact details, message content and attachment data can easily be compromised.

App removed from Google Play Store

You should know that Sunbird, and therefore Nothing Chats, uses a network of Macs as servers. Users log in to the application with their Apple ID, which is redirected to one of the Macs on the network. This enables the use of iMessages on Android via the app.

refuted this Sunbird has access to every message sent and received through the app. By abusing Sentry, a bug tracking platform, Sunbird records messages under the guise of bug reporting. 9to5Google has verified these claims and found them to be true.

The Google Play Store has apparently taken action against Nothing Chats. The application is no longer available for download on the platform. contradicted Downloaded and explained the beta version of his new app from the Play Store Work with Sunbird to resolve specific “bugs”..