New Research Chair in Cybersecurity Governance and Management – ​​ULaval News

Laval University and its Faculty of Administrative Sciences today announce the establishment of the Research Chair in Cybersecurity Governance and Management. The mission of this chair is to better understand, document and solve the social, human and business issues related to the digital security of public and private organizations. It will benefit from $2 million in funding over five years, provided equally by the Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs and Microsoft.

The chair’s activities will cover several research areas that will shed light on complementary dimensions of cybersecurity issues. “We will examine the importance of cybersecurity culture in public and private organizations, governance, risk management and compliance with the security of information resources in these organizations, as well as the digital maturity of citizens using digital services,” explains chair holder Hager Khechine, professor at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at the University of Laval.

  • In order for the chair to fulfill its mission, numerous activities are implemented, including:

  • Oversee scientific research and practices in cybersecurity governance and management adopted at national and international levels

  • Empirical studies, including through case studies and questionnaires

  • The creation of tools (assessment questionnaires, awareness plans, risk management models, etc.) to improve practices and knowledge in accordance with national and international standards

  • Activities to bring the scientific community and practice closer together and thus enable knowledge transfer.

“I am very enthusiastic about this agreement with the University of Laval, which is in line with the government’s cybersecurity policy, which envisages leveraging the strengths of the ecosystem, in particular by establishing partnerships in research and innovation.” Thanks to the transfer of knowledge, the “The work of the Research Chair in Cybersecurity Governance and Management will enable the government to increase the effectiveness of its fight against cyberattacks and cyberthreats,” emphasized Cybersecurity and Digital Affairs Minister Eric Caire.

“To stay ahead of today’s increasingly difficult and complex security threats, we must take concerted innovative action and sustainably invest in cutting-edge research that deepens our understanding of the security landscape. Cybersecurity,” said Michel Biron, director of public sector for Eastern Canada at Microsoft. “As a company committed to making the world a safer place, we are proud to support the establishment of this new research chair at the University of Laval and help ensure a secure digital future in Quebec.”

“The news reminds us almost daily of the problems we all face in terms of cybersecurity and digital transformation,” said Laval University Rector Sophie D’Amours. “The creation of this chair, led by a specialist recognized for the quality of her research, training and knowledge dissemination activities in digital security management, will bring a significant benefit to Quebec society by making available her expertise and cutting-edge technology, that make this possible.” We should better face these enormous challenges.”