More than 12 years ago, Nintendo popularized the technology that Apple uses today to prepare for the launch of its Vision Pro –

News JVTech More than 12 years ago, Nintendo popularized the technology that Apple uses today to prepare for the launch of its Vision Pro

Published on December 14, 2023 at 8:20 p.m


The new iPhone iOS 17.2 update reveals functionality linked to the Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s future mixed reality headset, but strangely also to the good old Nintendo 3DS…

Apple Vision Pro: perhaps the most anticipated Apple product of all time

You can’t have missed the information. Since its announcement, the tech world has been eager to get its hands on the Apple Vision Pro and analyze what impact this product will have (or not) on the rest of the industry. Expected sometime in 2024, Apple’s $4,000 augmented reality mask is packed with cutting-edge technology, and as surprising as it may sound, one of those technologies was popularized more than a year ago. a decade of Nintendo with its 3DS.

The Vision Pro is undoubtedly one of the Cupertino company’s biggest bets! As far as we know, the American giant has been working on this project for more than seven years. To give you an idea, it’s twice as much work as it took to release the first iPhone. More importantly, this headset will be the first product developed entirely under Tim Cook’s leadership, as its predecessors – the iPhone, the iPad and even the Apple Watch – were launched with the full or partial participation of Tim Cook came. Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. This headset enters the augmented reality (XR) market at a time when this product category, which includes augmented, virtual and mixed reality, has reached a ceiling and has limited adoption by the general public. The Vision Pro initially offers limited apps and experiences, but is still connected to an iPhone-sized battery. The bet for Apple and Tim Cook is huge, and there is no doubt that the start of 2024 is risky

In turn, the Nintendo 3DS, launched in 2011, was a pioneer in integrating glasses-free 3D rendering technology, offering users an immersive experience without additional accessories. His ability to display three-dimensional images without the need for special glasses was imperfect at the time, but certainly remarkable. As it evolved, the new Nintendo 3D even used eye tracking technology to adapt the display to the user’s position, providing a unique three-dimensional perspective on games and visual content. Are you starting to see where we’re going with this? Let’s go step by step.

More than 12 years ago, Nintendo popularized the technology that Apple uses today to prepare for the launch of its Vision Pro

iOS 17.2: an iPhone update for Apple Vision Pro and Nintendo 3DS technology

The recent announcement of iOS 17.2, the latest major update for iPhones, reveals key features related to Vision Pro. Including the ability to record spatial videos on the iPhone 15. Specifically, this functionality allows the iPhone 15 to simultaneously record from different perspectives, as a pair of eyes can, and thus create sequences in three dimensions.

Although this novelty may seem marginal for current iPhone users (after all, no one cares about filming with two lenses at the same time and making the final video playback far too cumbersome), the feature shows its true value when combined with Vision Pro. The spatial videos to be played on this future augmented reality mask should provide impressive 3D rendering. The mask overlays the two images to simulate 3D, constantly adjusting where your gaze falls… yes, almost exactly like the 3DS.

More than 12 years ago, Nintendo popularized the technology that Apple uses today to prepare for the launch of its Vision Pro

There are obviously notable differences. Apple’s technology is much more powerful than Nintendo’s and the images are sent to 4K Micro-OLED screens assigned to each eye, rather than a single low-resolution surface. Still, this technological legacy between the Nintendo 3DS and Apple’s Vision Pro shows the continuity of advances in 3D playback without glasses. The biggest manufacturers have long dreamed of fully immersing us in the content we consume, and they are about to make it happen.

As technology evolves, we witness the reuse of previous concepts being reinvented and improved to shape the future of human interaction with technology. Apple’s Vision Pro is built on similar foundations as the Nintendo 3DS and promises unparalleled visual immersion and user experience. At JVTECH we are very excited to see what this product has in store for us.

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