Monopoly Go is one of the biggest advertising boxes of the year – Influencia

Started seven months ago, Monopoly Go grew immediately and now brings together a vibrant community of almost 300 million players. The game’s recent nomination for Mobile Game of the Year almost made us forget THE really good news of the moment for shareholders: the title has established itself as the fastest free-to-play title in history and the billion-dollar mark reaches sales and regularly generates more than $200 million in monthly revenue. Enough to convince us of the vitality of its player base.

Monopoly Go is one of the biggest advertising boxes of

Tim O’BrienChief Revenue Officer of Extensivedid not hesitate to congratulate himself by stating: “The numerous milestones that Monopoly Go has achieved are a testament to the talent of our team, whose commitment to players has allowed the game to consistently rank first among mobile Applications in the United States.” “Increase player engagement in ways not seen in mobile gaming in years and become a highly profitable business.” Monopoly Go signs the third collaboration between Extensive And Hasbro after introducing Yahtzee with Buddies and Scrabble Go.

Success story without going through the “galley” box

According to the figures published by download platforms Monopoly Go has already been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide. Another fact that is far from trivial: the game has been shared more than 150 million times by friends, underlining its social dimension and status as a cultural phenomenon. By combining the classic game of monopoly With innovative features and a variety of worlds to explore, the game captured the essence of the famous board game’s experience but significantly dusted it off. The application constantly introduces new characters and events that prevent dedicated players from falling into routine… Enough to push them to (re)start a game even if they think they have already completed it.

“The success of Monopoly Go underscores the ability of the Monopoly brand to continue to attract players and connect fans,” he said Chris CocksChairman of the board of Hasbro, in a press release. Before we continue: “With Scopely we have managed to create a fun and addictive game that breaks records in a highly competitive market: it is one of the few mobile titles in history to earn a billion dollars in less than a year “The growth of Monopoly Go confirms the viability of our licensing strategy.”

A success that should inspire others

According to estimates byAppMagicthe games stamped Extensive would have generated sales of more than $7.6 billion. American gamers make up 74% of the player base, followed by the United Kingdom – 5%, Canada – 4%, Germany – 4% and France – 2%. Last April, Savvy Games Groupowned by the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia Extensive for $4.9 billion. At the time, it was the sixth-largest M&A deal in the gaming sector Microsoft Zenimax – $7.5 billion – Tencent Supercell – $8.6 billion – Take Two Zynga – $12.7 billion – and Microsoft Activation Blizzard – $68.7 billion –.

A takeover of that Extensive was able to use it to expand into new areas such as PC and consoles. Given the success of Monopoly GoI’m not sure if Saudi investors will decide to withdraw their funds soon. Especially since according to the State of Gambling Report published by, specialist in the analysis and valorization of data from mobile apps and websites, in 2023 mobile games will account for 56% of the games market, that is, 2.7 times more than games on PC/Mac. Console games also have good reasons to shake your knees…