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DJI, a global leader in civilian drones and innovative camera technologies, today introduced the Ronin 4D-8K camera, a new version of the Ronin 4D professional cinema camera platform.

Mediakwest – New Ronin 4D 8K Camera Excellence from DJI

This all-in-one 8K cinema camera integrates cutting-edge DJI technologies, including revolutionary 4-axis stabilization, into a complete and innovative cinema solution. The powerful next-generation Ronin 4D cinema camera represents the future of filmmaking, giving independent cinematographers unprecedented flexibility and unlimited possibilities for coordinated filming.

“Enabling developers to leverage cutting-edge technologies has always been at the heart of DJI’s mission,” he said Paul Pan, product line manager at DJI. “The Ronin 4D 8K Camera demonstrates our commitment to providing unparalleled imaging solutions and giving creatives the tools to bring their visions to life with exceptional clarity and brilliance.” »

An iconic cinema tool

The DJI Ronin 4D-8K stands out for its high-end performance and offers an impressive package Mediakwest – New Ronin 4D 8K Camera Excellence from DJIof functions tailored to the different needs of camera operators. With full-frame 8K/60fps and 4K/120fps capabilities, this camera guarantees exceptional image quality and offers filmmakers exceptional versatility in capturing the needs of the scene. Dual native ISO 800/4000 improves performance in various lighting conditions, coupled with maximum dynamic range. of 14.7 f-stops and delivers cinematic depth and rich color nuances in all scenarios.

Additionally, the Ronin 4D 8K camera features built-in 9-stop ND filters for precise exposure control, interchangeable DL/E/L/PL/M lens mounts for greater creative freedom, autofocus on manual lenses, and automatic manual focus (AMF ) for fast and precise focusing with the revolutionary LiDAR focusing system. The seamless transition to the tool-free Flex form allows for on-the-go adjustments and highlights the camera’s versatility. Essentially, the Ronin 4D 8K Camera is a complete solution for filmmakers to bring their creative visions to life with ease and precision.

DJI Cinema Color Science

With the Ronin 4D 8K camera, DJI offers the revolutionary DJI Cinema Color Science (DCCS) color engine, which achieves incredibly accurate and beautiful natural skin tones, even in complex lighting conditions. Designed for professional aerial and terrestrial imaging equipment, the DCCS color engine offers limitless creative possibilities by vividly reproducing the kaleidoscopic colors seen by the human eye. The DCCS color engine features a new algorithm for smooth, detailed images, internal high-bitwidth color and tone processing for natural transitions, and multiple high-precision LUT processing modules for precise color adjustments in various lighting conditions.

To complement DCCS, DJI has developed the CineCore image processing platform, which provides high-quality digital intermediates for post-production. Equipped with a proprietary chip and state-of-the-art processor architecture, the CineCore platform supports videos up to 8K in professional codecs such as Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ, H.264 and, like the Inspire 3 model, CinemaDNG. The D-Gamut color space is optimized for deeper green tones and skin tones. The D-Log curve covers a dynamic range of over 14 stops, ensuring detailed retention of highlights and shadows even in difficult lighting conditions. This makes it easier to match the colors of ARRI cinema cameras and supports the ACES workflow. With its cinematic symmetrical dynamic distribution, DCCS maintains fine, natural transitions in lighting areas, making it the ideal choice for filmmakers seeking unmatched image quality and flexibility in color correction.

ACES compatibility

The Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) is a collaboration between the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, professional filmmakers and color scientists. It offers filmmakers a smooth, standardized color management experience. From image capture to final projection, ACES is now officially certified for the DJI Ronin 4D, Inspire 3 and Zenmuse projection standards.

Price and availability

The Ronin 4D 8K package includes: Ronin 4D Main Body, Zenmuse, High Brightness Main Display, TB50 Smart Battery, LiDAR Laser Rangefinder, RAW License Key for DJI Ronin 4D and more. The bundle is sold at the price of €12,758.

The Zenmuse X9-8K camera gimbal is also available at the price €2999, and includes a Zenmuse X9-8K Camera Gimbal Protective Case, an X9 Gimbal Base Cover and a DL Mount Body Cover.

DJI Care Pro is now available for the DJI Ronin 4D-8K model and provides comprehensive protection against accidental damage. Coverage for damage caused by water, falls, misuse and other accidents includes unlimited free repairs, as well as international warranty service and two insured maintenance services from DJI technical experts.

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