Mature skin: how to make up your eyes and lips? – The Radieuses

Once you’re in your fifties, if you want to, it’s important to adapt your beauty routine to mature skin to highlight your facial features when doing your eyes and lips.

When they seek my services as a professional makeup artist, many clients tell me that they want makeup that will help them shave off a few years. If you fall into this category, that’s commendable, don’t worry! To achieve this, it is necessary to learn new techniques and adjust your makeup. Several tricks can be used. Here are some to improve your appearance and bring shine back to your lips.

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The importance of defined eyebrows

A well-filled and well-defined eyebrow instantly rejuvenates the eye! I recommend choosing a shade lighter than your hair. Are you platinum blonde or do you wear your hair white? Choose blonde or light brown. To define the line underneath, I use an eyebrow pencil and then add a powder to mimic the “hair by hair” effect.

There are also eyebrow mascaras on the market. They are very useful if you still have full eyebrows but several white hairs. If you don’t want to dye your eyebrows, this is a great option to temporarily tame and color white hairs.

Krystel recommends this eyebrow mascara

Mature skin how to make up your eyes and lipsThis proprietary, unbreakable, non-bending, textured brush glides effortlessly through each brow hair to thicken, volumize, shape, sculpt and define brows to photo-perfection. Discover the Mirabella The Brow Shaper.

Eyebrow lift, a growing trend

This new semi-permanent trend is only done by professionals. The Brow Lift, which we can translate as “Brow Lift”. Eyebrow lamination, changes the texture of the hair so that it remains directed upwards. The eyebrows are then fixed with products. This technique can be done with or without the eyebrow tinting option.

Personally, the tinting option is my favorite as it defines the eyebrows really well. The white hairs remain hidden until the next appointment and the duration is approximately six weeks. The good news: The service is offered in both KDM branches.

Psst! It is also possible to dye your eyebrows without lamination. To schedule an appointment, visit the KDM & Cie website or contact the team at 819 791-4141.

How do you apply makeup to wrinkled eyelids?

As we age, the eyelid slowly sags and wrinkles may become more pronounced. When applying makeup for mature skin, I recommend opting for an eyeshadow in a more natural color (beige, peachy pink, light brown, dark brown, etc.).

If you are used to drawing a large pencil line at the top and bottom of the eye, I recommend you remove the pencil line under the eye as it destroys the look. To replace the pencil line on the eyelid, you can use a slightly darker eyeshadow to give the illusion that your eyelashes are fuller. Finally, apply a beautiful mascara to lengthen your eyelashes. Don’t hesitate to apply two coats to achieve a fuller effect. Choose a good mascara instead of a line of eyeliner that gives a too harsh look.

Mature skin how to make up your eyes and lips

The key? Bright makeup

Then add a nice highlight in the inner corner of your eye and at the level of the brow bone with the same eyeshadow that you used on your cheekbones. Whether it’s cream, pearl or light beige, it will definitely add sparkle to your eyes.

Your makeup should stay as bright as possible, that’s the key! Completely matte makeup enhances your look, no matter how old you are. The holidays are just around the corner and there will be plenty of more festive variations. Why not add a touch of glitter? A good option is to choose a glittery eyeliner that adds a nice festive touch. It depends on the dosage!

For advice on eyeshadow, make an appointment in store or virtually with the KDM team!

Lengthening mascara, Krystel’s choice

1700257823 894 Mature skin how to make up your eyes and lipsAll-in-one mascara gives lashes volume, length and curl without clumping. The deep black pigmented formula contains Widelash Serum, which is clinically proven to strengthen lashes in just 15 days of use. Mirabella Lash Luxe Mascara.

For greedy lips

Over the years, lips tend to become thinner and lose volume. I therefore recommend that you add a small touch of gloss to your lipstick in the center of your lips to reflect the light and create a volumizing effect.

To add volume to a thinner upper lip, you can round the core of the upper lip with a lip liner.

For the color of the pencil, choose exactly the same color as your lipstick or a half tone darker.

Finally, to maximize the wear of your lipstick, I recommend covering the entire lip with the pencil and then applying the lipstick over the top. Everything comes together wonderfully and the products merge with each other.

Long-wearing lipstick and gloss duo, Krystel’s choice