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A woman waited years for a refund of 4,320 euros that Enedis overcharged due to an error in her Linky meter. It took 6 years until she got her money back with compensation of 300 euros.

Linky experiment 10 eurosLinky experiment 10 euros10 euros against a reduction in performance © Enedis

Since its introduction, the Linky meter has attracted a lot of attention. Some French people accuse it of all evil and even suspect that they are being spied on with a spy camera. However, the promise of monitoring your consumption in real time is great, especially to avoid excessive annual regulation. Apart from that even The Linky meter is incorrect as we learn from UFC-Que Choisir.

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A refund will only be made after a 6-year waiting period

We do not present for UFC-Que Choisir, an association that defends consumer rights. When she’s not pointing out Temu’s numerous abuses, she tells the chilling story of a woman in Charente-Maritime. While she was installing the Linky meter in 2017, its power consumption explodes.

She discovers that the Linky meter records power usage even when the circuit breaker is turned off. To her right, she files a complaint with Enedis to refund the debited amount. Except that the money doesn’t arrive despite repeated reminders. In November 2022 the situation has not changed.

After years of waiting, she decided to ask a local consumer protection association for help. After 6 years of remembering, Enedis ultimately reimburses him for the overpaid 4,320 euros with compensation of 300 euros to the total amount. He had to fight the whole time to get his money back!

Linky has been talked about a lot since its launch

There has been a lot of talk about the Linky counter since its introduction. Recently, fraudsters have developed an illegal technique to reduce electricity bills. The two men were arrested by the authorities, who also managed to track down the fraudsters, who were now invited to the gendarmerie themselves before receiving a visit from the military. One hacker even marketed a training course on how to reduce electricity bills by manipulating the Linky meter.