Lenovo X16: New, particularly affordable wireless headphones with good features and noise reduction – notebookcheck.biz

Lenovo is known in this country for its laptops, but it positions itself strongly as an electronics manufacturer. At the beginning of the year we told you about the Lenovo XT80 and its particularly affordable headset. With the Lenovo X16, more classic, completely wireless headphones are now available. Like other Lenovo headsets, it is also available in German stores, although in this case direct import could prove to be particularly interesting. According to the retailer, the price of the headphones is well under 15 euros and delivery should be relatively quick and free of import duties. Due to the low value of the goods, the risk with regard to warranty rights is limited.

The X16 is a completely wireless headset that weighs just 4.5 grams. They have 14.2 millimeter drivers, which is above average for headphones. This is intended to achieve a particularly high playback quality. As is now usual, it is not a simple headset, but a system of headphones, as each has a microphone installed. The installation is also intended to help reduce unwanted ambient noise.

Each headset has a touch interface that you can use to control music playback and answer calls, for example. Low latency is the order of the day. The IPX4 certification is specified and the overall lifespan of the battery is said to be up to 20 hours with intermediate charging. The charging status of the case is displayed by four LEDs. Data transmission takes place via Bluetooth 5.2.