Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos cavorted over ‘uncomfortable’ Vogue shoot: ‘I thought it was Steven Tyler’

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Published November 13, 2023, 12:47 PM ET

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos faced backlash over their Vogue photo shoot.Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos’ “uncomfortable” and “horrifying” new Vogue photoshoot has been slammed by online critics.

The high fashion magazine published several snapshots of the couple’s appearance in its December issue. In one of the photos, Sánchez leaned over to hug Bezos during a Western shoot.

The lovebirds sat in the front seat of a retro van as Bezos wore a brown cowboy hat, black T-shirt and blue jeans, while Sánchez showed off her arm muscles in a tight white tank top.

Unfortunately for the Amazon founder, 59, and his fiancée, 53, several users weren’t fans of her looks or the fact that Vogue “glorified” the billionaire.

“I don’t want to see this picture anymore,” one user commented on the Instagram post “Vogue” on Monday.

Many fans commented on the couple’s Western-inspired looks.Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

“I have never felt so uncomfortable with a photo,” another user wrote.

“Ridiculous photo. Halloween is over,” someone else wrote bluntly.

“This is the #1 most vile post I have ever seen. Unfollow,” one person added.

“I have never felt so uncomfortable with a photo,” one user wrote under the photo of Bezos and Sánchez.laurenwsanchez/Instagram

“This is fucking weird,” someone simply put it.

Fans also commented on the western feel of the photo shoot, joking that Bezos was “stealing Kenny Chesney’s stylist” and comparing him to Tim McGraw.

Other users wondered “why” Vogue included Bezos and Sánchez in the first place.

Fans also wondered why Vogue decided to include the billionaire and his fiancée in their issue.Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

“This is so strange. And definitely not Vogue – in any way. And I’m very friendly here…” one person chimed in.

“I wish IG had a filter that would let me block all billionaire PR content,” someone added.

“I was shown this picture against my will,” one person wrote.

The media personality also did several solo shoots for the December issue.Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

“I think we should refrain from making and glorifying billionaires into superheroes who build their wealth by exploiting and overworking their notoriously underpaid employees. No amount of PR can make any of these people likeable,” another person added.

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In addition to taking a few photos with her future groom, Sánchez also posed for several solo shots in the desert, in a helicopter, and on an industrial spiral staircase.

Many fans once again questioned why the fashion magazine included her in the issue, also claiming that they “thought that was Steven Tyler.”

The lovebirds got engaged in May. Instagram

Bezos and Sánchez are preparing to say “I do” after he proposed to her in May.

They began dating in 2018 but kept their relationship secret until he finalized his divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Scott, in January 2019.

Representatives for Vogue did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment.

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