It's the end for Google Podcasts: the application will be unusable in a few months – L'Éclaireur Fnac

The end of the Google Podcasts service has been known for a few months, but now we have a more precise date.

Google has updated its support documents, which now clearly state when the Google Podcasts app will be unplugged and unusable on smartphones. However, two different dates are displayed depending on whether you are already using the app or not.

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End of service for Google Podcasts in March 2024

Google Podcasts is therefore given a five-month grace period before joining the already busy graveyard of Google products that the company has abandoned. After announcing the end of the service, the web giant tells us today that Google Podcasts will remain usable until the last day of March 2024.

But if you already use Google Podcasts, you still have a few months to migrate to YouTube Music – or another service of your choice. Users therefore have until July 2024 to export their subscription list, either through an automated YouTube Music transfer tool or by downloading the OPML file accessible at this address.

Google justifies the need to separate podcasts to avoid duplicates. In fact, the company found that many podcasts were also uploaded to YouTube by content creators. It’s also a way for Google to encourage users to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which also allows them to forego advertising – even if browser extensions resist.

What are the best podcast services?

There are many solutions to replace Google Podcasts. Most of the big names are accessible through Apple Podcasts, and music streaming applications such as Deezer or Spotify also offer free listening to this type of format.

The most popular solutions among Internet users also include Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts or Overcast (iOS only). These third-party apps offer some additional features, such as the ability to share and send an audio clip from an episode to contacts.

Often, using an alternative application is also the only way to access unreferenced podcast streams, for example as part of a media subscription via Patreon or Kisskissbankbank.