It's Amazon's turn to get into AI image generation – Journal du geek

Unlike Dall-E or Midjourney, Titan is not a website or online service. Rather, it is a toolbox for developers who can use it to create their own image generator. To benefit from this, they need access to Amazon Bedrock, the group’s artificial intelligence development platform. Therefore, Titan is aimed at professionals and companies rather than the general public.

Safety precautions to prevent anything from happening

This technology is characterized by the ability to integrate proprietary data, adapting the generated images to specific brand guidelines or adopting a specific style. For example, users can refine the model using images from a previous marketing campaign to achieve desired results.

Titan Image Generator, which had the honor of presenting during Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s re:Invent event, stands out from other AI image generation tools with its ability to change the background of an image – in addition to actually creating an image visually from a text query. Images produced by Titan can be up to 4,096 x 4,096 pixels in size; The query can be 1,024 characters long. And it is possible to upload a reference image with a size of 50 MB.

An important aspect of Titan Image Generator is its commitment to the responsible use of AI. Each image created carries an indistinguishable watermark, increasing traceability and limiting the spread of false information. This initiative is part of a broader industry effort, as demonstrated by Google DeepMind’s approach with SynthID to identify AI-generated images.

This watermarking system is the cornerstone of the regulation of AI desired by the Biden administration. But in this space, everyone has gone to their own side and multiplied the brands, whether they are visible or not. I’m not sure it will be easier to navigate later…

Amazon also extends the copyright guarantee to its customers who use its Titan Foundation templates, including text-to-image generation. This legal protection extends to users of any AI application built using Amazon’s tools, even if the app uses a different model that can be found in Bedrock’s AI Model Directory.