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By default, iOS is set to have Siri read out certain notifications you receive while listening to music with certain headphones like AirPods. Here’s how to silence him.

If you use AirPods with your iPhone, you were probably surprised the first time Siri’s gentle voice announced that you had received a new message on your device. You may have been even more surprised when you heard the iOS voice assistant read aloud the message you received. However, this is completely normal. By default, iOS is set to announce certain notifications when you use iPhone with headphones. Although not all headsets are supported, some models, such as B. AirPods can be used with this function.

Additionally, certain applications installed on your iPhone, mostly messaging apps, are set by default to allow Siri to read the contents of received messages aloud. However, it is quite easy to put an end to this sometimes unpleasant behavior. Here’s how to mute Siri’s whistle when your AirPods are connected.

1. Go to Settings

Open it Settings of iOS and go to the menu Siri and Search. Then come in Announce notifications.

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2. Turn off ads when your headphones are connected

At this point, there are two ways to mute Siri when using your headphones. The most effective method is simply to completely disable ads when your headphones are plugged in. To do this you just have to do the following Uncheck the “Headphones” option. displayed under the heading Announce when you are connected.

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However, the second option allows you to be less strict and manage the announced notifications on a case-by-case basis.

3. Disable ads for specific apps only

It is likely that you want to keep notification indicators for certain applications, on the contrary, you want to disable them for others. Luckily, iOS gives you the ability to manage this on a case-by-case basis.

Go down a bit in the menu settings Announce notificationsThen, under the heading of the same name, enter the detailed settings of each application you want to disable.

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You can then deactivate the option completely. Announce notifications. In this case, no further notifications from the application will be read out by Siri. When it comes to messaging apps, you can generally narrow them down by just selecting urgent notifications and or Direct messages onlyinstead of all notifications being announced to you.

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