iPhone 16: Apple could introduce a brand new button for recording videos – Phonandroid

Apple is preparing to add a new button to all upcoming iPhone 16s. Previous speculation suggested that it could have a possible role as a dedicated camera button for photos and videos, and now we know more about it.

iPhone 16 Appearance of current iPhone 16 prototypes / Image credit: MacRumors

While Apple has already replaced the “silent” switch with a new action button on its current iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, the next iPhone 16 should also be entitled to a brand new button, this time for photography.

In fact, in a new report on Bloomberg, famous journalist Mark Gurman has just highlighted the introduction of a new button on all upcoming iPhone 16s. The latter would be the case Designed exclusively for video recordings.

What do we know about the iPhone 16’s video button?

The record button is expected to revolutionize the user experience by providing a dedicated interface for recording videos. Placed under the side button, Apple is expected to take a capacitive approach and forego the traditional mechanical button. In the USA, The record button replaces the mmWave antenna that is placed under the volume buttons on iPhone models. On international models where the mmWave antenna is not present, the button finds its place without any changes.

The position of the record button would be ergonomic as it is placed with the right side up where the user’s index finger naturally appears when recording video in landscape format.

The capacitive nature of the button allows different functions to be provided on the same button. For example, a light press can make it easier to adjust focus, a moderate press can act as a shutter button, and a long press can launch the camera app.

Mark Gurman remembers it clearlyThis new button is not reserved for Pro models, while design changes are typically incorporated into “Pro” models before being extended to standard models. In this case, the standard and “Pro” models of the iPhone 16 are expected to get the action button and the record button at the same time next year, which could be quite confusing for many users. We’ll be sure to explain how the new button works in more detail as we learn more.