Hydro-Québec-Pol: A citizen takes matters into his own hands

“Because I complained everywhere, my mast ended up being paid for by Hydro-Québec,” said Nicolas Leblanc.

Nicolas Leblanc is a building inspector, but despite his expertise in the field of construction, he, like several other Quebecers, faced endless delays from Hydro-Québec when he wanted to install a pole on his property.

Tired of waiting, Mr. Leblanc decided to take matters into his own hands: he hired a master electrician to carry out the work and paid him out of his own pocket, even though the financial responsibility for this type of work lies with the state corporation.

Speaking to Benoît Dutrizac on QUB radio, Nicolas Leblanc admitted that the solution came from the master electrician himself. According to the expert, his customer could have been without electricity for several months or even up to two years if he had relied on Hydro-Québec.

Tired of waiting for his electricity pole to be installed, a citizen explains to Benoit Dutrizac via QUB radio how he sped up the process:

Nicolas Leblanc considers himself lucky that he was able to communicate so quickly with a professional capable of installing the electricity pylon.

“Because I complained everywhere, my mast was finally paid for by Hydro-Québec as usual,” he explained.

But it will have been a real Way of the Cross. So sometimes Operation “D” still works!