How to choose your snowshoes – Spaces

Snow covers Quebec and its hiking trails. Now is the time to get your pair if you want to have fun in the woods this winter. To do this, follow our advice!

The days of tendon snowshoes, where size was the only selection criterion, are long gone: dad had big ones, mom had medium ones and the little ones… had small ones.

Given the large number of models available, three basic criteria must be taken into account:

  • The type of terrain in which they are primarily used
  • The total weight they must carry
  • Fasteners

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1. The land and use

How to choose your snowshoes – Spaces

First, there are the so-called “all-purpose” snowshoes. These do not have any special features and are suitable for beginners or those who do not leave the marked trails too often without embarking on steep climbs. They are also the cheapest.

For longer off-piste hikes or mountain exploration, opt for (you guessed it) mountain or off-piste snowshoes. They are generally lighter and have more aggressive lugs under the toes and under the heel. Some models even have additional teeth under the sole of the foot for even more effective traction on hard snow or ice. They are also equipped with retractable heel pieces (or climbing wedges) to reduce overstretching and fatigue of the calf muscles during steep climbs.

Another type of racket that is finding more and more fans is the racing racket. Narrower and lighter, it’s (you guessed it) designed for running. On the other hand, it offers a smaller buoyancy area and must therefore be used on compact or groomed slopes.

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2. Weight and size

For each racket model there is a size selection table based on weight. When choosing your snowshoes, you must remember to use a value that corresponds to the total weight of the snowshoes, that is, the weight of the user as well as the clothing, the back of the backpack, etc., as well as its contents. On a long hike in winter, you can easily carry around ten kilos with you (water, provisions, boots, a change of clothes, first aid kit, etc.)

3. Fasteners

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Most modern snowshoes have a pivot binding system. Some models are equipped with a mechanism that blocks rotation and raises the back of the racket as you step. This is very convenient when you need to go backwards or overcome obstacles.

We also prefer a type of fastening depending on the fastening system. Some have two to four ratchet straps, while others use a BOA lacing system that is adjusted simply by turning a dial. The latter can be adjusted more quickly and often offer a more even lacing without pressure points, but increase the price of the snowshoes.

In short: to choose the right snowshoes for your feet, you must first determine the type of terrain in which you want to enjoy the winter and do not hesitate to choose a few models from the store to match the boots you want to wear carry. use them. You also have to think about the budget you want to spend on it, but you have to keep in mind that the price of rackets is generally not very high, even top-of-the-line rackets, and that their lifespan is very long…

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