His clients who make more than $200,000 are struggling to buy a property

Due to the favorable conditions for sellers, purchasing a property is difficult for first-time buyers, reports a real estate agent who describes the situation of a couple who want to become owners.

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In an interview on LCN, Younes El Moustir took stock of the situation on the real estate market.

In most sectors, real estate prices are holding up but remain high.

His clients who make more than 200000 are struggling to

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When accessing real estate, the real estate agent recognizes new trends.

Some people shop in groups, others rely on the support of their parents and grandparents.

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Mr. El Moustir also brought up the case of two clients, a married couple, who were actively looking for a property.

The couple’s salary, totaling more than $200,000 per year, does not allow them to find a property that meets their needs, explains the entrepreneur.

“I’ll give you a concrete example. I went shopping with a couple this week. They made over $100,000 each and yet we are still having trouble finding a property that suits them. That’s a very good income, but interest rates are still holding a lot of people back,” he said.