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As we wait for the release of the very first trailer for GTA 6, it’s time to take stock of everything we know about the next hit from Rockstar Games, one of the most popular studios in the industry.

GTA 6© Rockstar Games

To say that GTA 6 is a highly anticipated title is clearly an understatement as this new work is preparing to shake up the industry. As a reminder, It’s been over ten years since GTA 5 was released : Yet it continues to sell millions of copies, reach new players and remain at the top of the sales rankings. It was also released on three different generations of consoles, each time with a significant impact on players.

The waiting around GTA seems to be particularly exaggerated and the smallest communication, the smallest message, the smallest word from those responsible at Rockstar Games seems like a bomb within the community. Additionally, while we haven’t seen any images of the game itself, Some information is still important to note and provides a glimpse into what we can expect from this new adventure.

????️ When will the first trailer for the game be released?

Rumors and rumors have been circulating for many years about the date of the first trailer for the software, without any of them turning out to be true. Despite everything, it was journalist Jason Schreier who confirmed this Rockstar Games would begin communication around the game in early December.

It didn’t take long for Sam Houser, the president of Rockstar Games, to confirm his statements in a press release posted on social networks. In this way, the man looks back on the founding of the studio and its development, while confirming that the first half of December will be the scene of the broadcast of the “first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto”. Of course, Houser says he looks forward to “sharing these experiences with all of you for many years to come.”

???? When might GTA 6 be released?

As you have easily understood, Rockstar Games has not yet announced a release date for GTA 6. However, many journalists and editors from all over the world agree on this, especially Jason Schreier This juggernaut could see the light of day at the end of 2024 and thus crystallize players’ expectations for many months to come.

In addition, this would be in full accordance with the recent forecasts of the officials of Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, regarding the company’s revenue growth in the period 2024-2025.

GTA© Rockstar Games

⚙️ What graphical developments for GTA 6?

Let’s be honest, this is undoubtedly where GTA 6 will be most impressive! Not long ago, Sam Houser even admitted as much Developers constantly strive for “perfection” and that they would not hesitate to postpone the game to achieve this goal. It makes you want it!

After versions 7 and 8 of the RAGE engine, used for GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 respectively, it is RAGE 9 that will see the light of day with the next Grand Theft Auto. With this new version of Rockstar’s proprietary tool So there are probably a lot of technical improvements.

First of all, artificial intelligence should be emphasized very widely, especially for managing NPCs and police reactions to your actions. Not long ago, the studio even filed a patent aimed at revolutionizing “traditional systems that provide limited resources to automate NPCs.” In this way, the game will be based on a much more advanced AI, so nothing is defined in advance: not even the interactions with the residents, the number of cars on this or that street and the behavior of the NPCs. With this progress The world around you should react much more realistically!

Likewise, the game physics could have been completely revised for this new work. As we know, numerous studies have been carried out by the studio to be able to represent water physics in real time, a particularly difficult process in a video game. More importantly, GTA 6 should be entitled to a significant increase in the number of polygons when modeling cars: a point that will allow much more precise deformation of vehicles. for naturally more realistic accidents and damage.

Other points that should be greatly improved in the next GTA: Light and weather management. This promises us much better light penetration and reflection depending on the surface and decoration, while a real weather system impacts the game environment and playability. More specifically: Rain affects the handling of your vehicle. The wind also damages vegetation and could create dangerous areas for the population.

GTA lights© Reddit – Acoolrocket

Finally, the filing of the patent “System and Method of Locomotion for Virtual Characters” should be mentioned. Its goal is to build a huge library of basic character movement elements from which the game can automatically combine a whole range of movements to create multiple ways to animate a character. So instead of having to design separate animations for each situation, The game stitches together the character’s movements naturally depending on the circumstances. A new technology that promises to be particularly immersive!

???? What do we know about the story and gameplay?

At the moment we know very little about the scenario in which the game will plunge us, but the few known elements remain very interesting: The action will take place in the city of Vice City in the 2020sand will therefore represent a much more current version of this fictional city than in the previous works of the saga.

We should be able to enter a much larger world, with urban environments of course, but also much larger and more diverse environments. with much denser detail and lots of modeled interiors.

As for the main playable characters, there would be two: Jason and Lucia. However, no information was shared about the relationship between these two protagonists. In any case, their wanderings would take place shortly after the events of GTA 5, with many allusions to the latter, be it in relation to specific events or even to the lives of the heroes. Important NOTE: Players should have access to a very extensive customization tool for Jason and Luciaboth on a purely physical and physical level as well as in terms of clothing.

GTA 6 gameplay© Rockstar Games

Now let’s move on to the question of gameplay, which should have some innovations compared to its predecessor. We are talking about an FPS view available from launch, with even more possibilities in terms of character movements, the return of the switch system between the two heroes, but also and above all a very pronounced RP aspect. So we would find quite advanced inventory management, countless interactions with NPCs and the possibility of customizing your hiding places.

Furthermore a Faction or gang system would be implemented in the game, which also suggests that a dynamic management of territories. The system of Police and wanted reports could also be improved Use of AI (again!), including the presence of a virtual criminal record.