GTA 5's latest major update may make you want to return to the game's online mode – Millenium

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If the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 not true? unconvinced And if you’re not a fan of RP either, this new update might change your mind!

Some players say that such missions are really worth it.

GTA Online mode is getting a huge chop shop update!

If you’ve been waiting for one big mission To keep you busy at the end of the year, Rockstar is here to help you with the update The Chop Shop in which players can attempt a brand new, large-scale heist, and there’s reason to be hyped, especially if you have friends to work with.

Stealing such prestigious cars from Los Santos will not be an easy task. Jamal’s mission is to orchestrate vehicle thefts and maintain the weekly list of collector vehicles that have caught Yusuf’s attention. With each flight you have to collect information in free mode and complete preparatory missions and tasks before moving on to the hectic final phase.

So you will be able to do this Brew millions with close-ups of luxury cars in a mission described by some players as “extremely neat” And “very funny”.

The attention to detail in this type of mission is exactly what makes some people call this mode On-line from GTA is a bit like that a game in itself !

An online mode that rivals the basic experience?

Some GTA fans swear by the base game and its mode Solo, However, it was the online mode that made GTA 5 last so long.

Let’s talk about this many missions or some RP server which has exploded in popularity, the online mode is something of a GTA unto itself, and that’s clearly Rockstar’s intention.

Where some players declare that between GTA 5 and 12 years will have passed GTA 6others counter that GTA Online is a bit like their updated GTA 5.5 regularly, with something neat, high-quality content, and in quantity.

Given the enthusiasm for the latter, one thing is certain: Rockstar has found the formula for its online !