Google Pixel 8: All of Google’s artificial intelligence at the service of a stunning photography smartphone – Les Numériques

Equipped with the in-house Tensor G3 processor, the new Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphones benefit more than ever from Google’s advances in AI. The result is extremely efficient operations, especially in the photo and video sectors.

Last October, Google unveiled its new mobility champions: the Google Pixel 8 smartphone with a 6.2-inch screen and the Google Pixel 8 Pro with a 6.7-inch screen. What do they have in common? Both are powered by a brand new processor, Google Tensor G3, which is more powerful but, above all, benefits from the web giant’s unparalleled expertise in artificial intelligence.

Tensor G3: the 100% Google engine

If the Google Pixel 8 is a small marvel of engineering on all levels with its ultra-bright screens, cutting-edge connectivity (5G, Wi-Fi 7, etc.) or even ultra-versatile photography equipment, Tensor G3 brings them intelligence that doesn’t exist anywhere else. This next-generation chip, developed exclusively for you, not only runs the most resource-intensive games, but also offers incredible computing power. The opportunity for Google to offer its two Pixels original features, completely fluid navigation and high-end performance. Better yet: Anyone who uses the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro benefits from the highest level of security thanks to a co-processor that is exclusively dedicated to data protection, the Titan M2.

Photos and videos of breathtaking quality

The Google Pixel 8 is equipped to deliver flawless images in all areas, from portrait to landscape, including night photography or video! The two smartphones are equipped with new 50-megapixel sensors in the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle ranges, which are significantly more sensitive to light. The Google Pixel 8 Pro also benefits from a 48-megapixel telephoto lens for powerful optical zoom up to x5 and even up to x30 digital. With the algorithmic power of Tensor and the most advanced image processing yet in a smartphone, every shot is a success. Regardless of the lighting, the images are perfectly sharp, rich in detail and the colors are always vibrant. The advent of handy features like Best Take for group photos (where everyone looks good thanks to multiple shots combined into one optimal photo) should wow the gallery in every sense of the word. Even the macro focus option has been improved, revealing details of flora and fauna not normally visible to the naked eye.


Extremely powerful editing tools

Google’s expertise doesn’t stop at the quality of the photos taken with the Pixel 8, impressive as they may be. The Mountain View company has put all of its AI know-how into new retouching tools that complement an already well-stocked range. In addition to the anti-blur function and the magic eraser, which caused a stir last year and can easily improve photos by minimizing noise and removing unwanted subjects, Magic Retouch appears. This tool offers beginners the opportunity to transform an ordinary photo into a small masterpiece. With a few taps on the screen, you can reorganize the scene, for example by refocusing the main subject and deleting unnecessary elements. This year it even includes a magic audio eraser to easily remove unwanted background noise (honks, construction noise, wind, or others) in a video. Finally, the night vision mode has been further improved and even extends to the video area for optimal brightness even in low light conditions. Google has definitely given its users tools that are both powerful and intuitive, providing an unparalleled experience.


AI-powered operations

The wealth of functions that Google offers its Pixel 8 and 8 Pro is of course not limited to photos and videos. While Google offers unrivaled experience in this area with exclusive tools, the power of AI is present at every level. The energy-efficient Tensor G3 processor gives Google Pixel a solid 24-hour endurance with an Ultra Battery Saver mode that extends runtime up to 72 hours. In addition to extremely smooth operation, made possible by the perfect optimization of the Google Android 14 mobile operating system, the Google Pixel 8 also benefits from exceptional audio quality with filtering of background noise during calls. Enough to compete with the highest quality smartphones currently available.

Good news, after all, the Google Pixel 8 are the first smartphones in the world to benefit from 7 years of operating system and security updates*. A decisive advantage for anyone who would like to keep their device for a long time. Especially since choosing a Pixel 8 is a breeze thanks to Quick Switch, the included USB-C/USB-A adapter that makes transferring all your data easy.

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  • 7 years of Android system and security updates from US release date.