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Google Maps draws a lot of inspiration from Apple Maps with its widespread use of 3D buildings in cities. This view is currently still in the experimental stage, but could be quickly generalized.

3D view of cities covered by Google Maps(1)3D view of cities covered by Google Maps(1)© seemebreakthis / Reddit

Google Maps remains one of the most used mobile navigation applications worldwide. But the user interface is not without errors, especially when driving. After adding Immersive View and AI features a few weeks ago, the Mountain View giant appears to be continuing the facelift of its real-time GPS navigation application; I took a lot of inspiration from Apple Maps.

The change affects navigation in cities via Android Auto. A Reddit user with the pseudonym seemebreakthis was able to experience what he describes as a “beautiful 3D view on Google AA.” [Android Auto] “. He warns that he has not made any changes to the application settings and therefore assumes that it has activated itself.

3D view of Google Maps cities(1)3D view of Google Maps cities(1)© seemebreakthis / Reddit

He comments: ” […] It looks good. The buildings are semi-transparent, so they’re not really distracting, even in a city like the one I live in, where there are an awful lot of tall buildings everywhere.”

Easier to find your way?

Based on the locations and street names shown in the screenshot, it can be seen that this Reddit member not only has sympathy – or at least curiosity – for the Clinton family, but also lives in Hong Kong.

Other users replied to him and shared the same observation. Among them, a certain Chef281 who wrote: “I just saw this change today (3D building). They are also roughly to scale. I also see gas stations and signs at stores that I have never seen before. I have not made any changes to the maps in the web interface, the Android application or Android Auto…”.

The lead author also interviewed the affected person to find out whether these changes only affected Asia or also North America, without having received any feedback yet.

What is certain is that this interface is reminiscent of that of Apple Maps. Google’s competitor since September 2021 offers a DCE mode for a detailed city experience in certain cities (including Paris and Berlin in Europe).

Apple Maps detailed view cities(1)Apple Maps detailed view cities(1)©Apple

Let Google start testing A similar but more general approach with 3D buildings in Google Maps on Android Auto is therefore neither very innovative nor new. In short, if you see transparent buildings on your Google Maps, it’s not a sign that you’ve entered a new dimension.

Source: Reddit