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GOG is offering a very good free game for a few days. The title, offered for free, mixes Rougelite and Dungeon Crawler for a surprising result, but one that appeals above all to gamers, so don’t miss it.

Free GOG game Roguelite DungeonFree GOG game Roguelite Dungeon© GOG

This holiday season, video games are particularly popular as gifts to put under the tree. Thanks to offers from online shops, you can also get free games for fun, for example in the Epic Games Store.

GOG, which refunds games even after you play them, regularly offers free titles to PC gamers. For a few days you can restore particularly popular software for free in the CD Projekt online shop.

GOG is offering a free game for a few days, take advantage quickly

This is possible until January 5, 2024 at 1:59 a.m Get the game Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager for free on GOG. To add it to your library, all you need is a GOG account, go to the front page, and click “Restore Game.”

If you don’t know Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager, know that Goblinz Studio’s PC game offers the following a rather original mix of roguelite and dungeon management. Within the Dungeon Company you must advance as a “Dungeon Master”. What’s special about the software is that you don’t play as the good guys, but as the bad guys.

Image 1: GOG: a new, very original free game that has already convinced playersImage 1: GOG: a new, very original free game that has already convinced players

Legend of Keepers: A Dungeon Manager’s career is divided into two phases. First you need to strengthen your dungeon by placing obstacles, defenses and monsters. During battles, it is the heroes (i.e. your opponents) who advance into your fortress. Your traps and your characters must then stop them. In short, a kind of reverse dungeon crawler.

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The conflicts take place turn-based, like in Darkest Dungeon or Slay the Spire. In addition, random events can also disrupt the life of your company. The roguelite aspect includes that every game started will be different, “But players can keep some of their master bonuses between games.”

Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager is rated on Metacritic 76 from the press and 7.2 from the players, which proves its qualities. So we recommend you add it to your library while it’s free on GOG.