Ford production workers in Kentucky, Louisville vote against new collective bargaining agreement – ​​

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – OCTOBER 14: Factory workers and UAW union members form a picket line outside the Ford Motor Co. Kentucky Truck Plant in the early morning hours of October 14, 2023 in Louisville, Kentucky. UAW leadership announced that the Kentucky Truck Plant would become the latest automaker to join the nationwide strike. (Photo by Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

Michael Swensen | Getty Images News | Getty Images

United Auto Workers (UAW) workers at Ford assembly plants in Louisville and truck plants in Kentucky voted against a proposed four-and-a-half-year contract, while skilled workers voted in favor of the deal, the union’s local unit said on Facebook.

The UAW Local 862 union said 55% of production workers voted against ratifying the contract. However, 69% of tradesmen voted for the contract.

The union did not disclose the overall percentage of votes in favor of the deal or the total number of votes cast.

The union and Ford did not immediately respond to Portal’ requests for comment

Union workers vote on the contracts of Chrysler owner Stellantis, GM and Ford after the first coordinated strike against the three major automakers in Detroit.

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