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For beautiful red beaks between two bites of log, LELO invites you to discover its range of inclusive cosmetics. LELO firmly believes that beauty does not have one standard. “LELO’s goal is to create products that are not only beautiful and innovative, but also celebrate the diversity of our customers,” says brand spokesperson Amandine Ranson in a press release, reinforcing LELO’s commitment to innovation, aesthetics and inclusivity. If the beauty of the product itself is important, the same goes for the quality. Let’s mention some of the main ingredients of liquid lipsticks, including natural waxes for a soft, creamy texture, as well as a moisturizing and creamy lanolin substitute for a soft feel, which forms a natural film to maintain suppleness and retain moisture while the silicone resin ensures long-lasting hold. The combination of ingredients ensures a creamy, soft and smooth formulation while guaranteeing a long hold. The lipstick stick (stick) promises a creamy texture with a specially formulated blend of plant-based butters that provide emollient and antioxidant properties, revitalizing your lips for a healthy look. Note that the product packaging is equally beautiful and practical (we especially appreciate that the cap of the lipstick stick is magnetic to prevent it from opening in your bag!). The colors offered come in a range of vibrant and varied shades of red to passionately showcase your individuality.

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For them and them Fugues

A list of Christmas gift ideas wouldn’t be complete without a trip to LELO! If you are new to the European brand’s products, it’s time to introduce yourself to this range of luxurious intimate accessories. Since its founding in 2003, the Swedish company has offered a variety of sex toys to suit every taste. And what’s better than the LILY 3? As a reminder: It was LILY who launched the LELO brand 20 years ago! The popularity of this mini vibrator will lead the company to renew its iconic toy. With a larger selection of vibration modes than its predecessors and made from ultra-soft silicone, the LILY 3 promises seventh heaven! And don’t let its small size fool you: although it fits in the palm of your hand, it opens the door to pleasure in all circumstances. Not to mention, its small size makes it the ideal travel companion. And if you’re worried that your mother-in-law will jump when she sees the gift package under the tree, know that the toy comes in discreet and sophisticated packaging. LILY 3 is waterproof and rechargeable via USB port and is available in different colors (purple, lavender, polar green). Offered in 2023 at a reduced price (40% off to celebrate the 20th anniversary!): $119

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