Finally, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 has been able to fix its biggest flaw – 01net

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 have finally seen a profound evolution in their design. In particular, the ratio of the Fold could be closer to that of a classic smartphone.

OnePlus Open, Honor Magic V2… more and more competitors of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 are gaining momentum. These two models stand out from the Z Fold in particular in that they offer a book-sized foldable smartphone without the inconvenience of a front screen that is too narrow.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 could finally keep up in this regard. A post on the Korean block Naver from a user who has already published several leaks since the review. This post claims that internal Samsung sources show that the Galaxy Z Fold 6’s screen ratios could evolve. Currently, its predecessor has a front ratio of 23.1:9, while most smartphones offer a ratio between 19:9 and 20:9.

Galaxy Ultra and Fold, same ratio

More specifically, the design philosophy would be closer to that of the Galaxy Ultra. So we can hope for an external screen that is just as usable as that of a Galaxy S23 Ultra. The post even mentions a shared design philosophy between the future Galaxy S25 and the future Fold. Enough to imagine a world where foldables finally stop making major concessions, starting with that big flaw in the front screen.

Furthermore, this significant development would not necessarily equate to weight gain. On the contrary, the weight of the Z Fold 6 would be less than that of the Z Fold 5. This seems likely since other manufacturers such as Honor have achieved this feat.

As for the Galaxy Z Flip, which saw great development in 2023 with a large front screen on the Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung wouldn’t necessarily have planned to rest on its laurels. The Seoul company would consider further reducing the bezels of the indoor screen while changing the layout of the outdoor screen. Undoubtedly to counter the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra with a slightly more elegant design.

Source: Naver