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Two rumors have recently surfaced about the future of Sony branded smartphones. The first concerns the Xperia range, whose name may not be renewed, while the second recalls the impending introduction of an under-screen camera for the Japanese giant’s next phones. You can find all the details here.

Sony, which launched the Xperia brand in 2008 with the X1 model, recently introduced the Xperia 1 V and the Xperia 10 V at the end of the first quarter of 2023, which represent the upper and entry-level classes respectively. The Japanese company offers smartphones with particularly solid technical features, but which have great difficulty finding their audience.
The first rumor suggests so The name “Xperia” could soon be retired. Although the Xperia range is respected and has a rich 15-year history, there is speculation that Sony is looking to reinvigorate its smartphone strategy. If brands like Apple and Samsung stay true to their respective names, Sony could take a bold approach and introduce a new brand in its smartphone portfolio.
Before launching the Xperia range, Sony used simple letter and number combinations such as K750, W800 and C905. A cryptic message from Zackbuks, a regular on Sony Xperia leaks, sparked discussion Declaration of “Xperia 2008-2023 the best” on the Chinese social network Weibo. This statement suggests a memorable tone and raises doubts about the future of the Xperia name.

Final clap for the name Xperia and an under screen camera
Sony Xperia 1 V

A camera under the display for Sony smartphones from 2025?

The second, possibly more exciting rumor concerns the photography equipment of future Sony smartphones. Although there has already been speculation about the Sony Xperia 1 VI, a source suggests that it may be the 2025 phone The Xperia 1 VII could feature under-screen camera technology (UDC). This innovation, which is also expected by other manufacturers such as Apple by 2027, could be used by Sony as early as 2025, according to some specialist commentators. For now, remember Only the ZTE company offers this technology on phones of its brand, as well as in its gaming sectorthe red magic.
For years, Sony has chosen to integrate the front camera into the top bezel of its Xperia phones. THE Switching to UDC technology would mean a significant change in the design of its smartphonesThis eliminates the need for a notch or hole for the selfie camera. If this transition goes ahead, it could not only give Sony smartphones a new look, but also mean the introduction of a new name for the range, symbolizing a new chapter in the Japanese giant’s smartphone production.