Fewer SUVs: Jeep and will cut jobs

Stellantis, Jeep’s parent company, said Thursday that its Detroit plant, which employs 4,600 people and makes the Grand Cherokee, will temporarily switch from three shifts to two shifts and reduce production. However, to what extent was not specified.

The Italian-American manufacturer cites the reason as “among other things, the review of the sale of vehicles produced in the factory in order to comply with the California emissions standards that apply in certain states,” according to a press release.

A day earlier, Stellantis said it wanted to terminate a 2019 agreement in which other manufacturers agreed to voluntarily reduce their emissions beyond thresholds then set by the Trump administration, citing a “double standard that also exists.” “destabilized our production plans.”

Fewer SUVs Jeep and will cut jobs

Photo: Stellantis

In another announcement, Stellantis told us that the Toledo, Ohio, plant that assembles the popular Jeep Wrangler will move from an alternate schedule to a traditional two-shift schedule. Production should also be located there.

In total, more than 3,600 employees are at risk of losing their jobs or having their working hours reduced, as Portal reports. The exact number is not yet known.

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Photo: Stellantis

In the United States, Stellantis has for several months slowed deliveries of gasoline vehicles in states that have adopted California’s strict emissions standards, prioritizing the latter in deliveries of plug-in hybrid models such as the Grand Cherokee 4xe and Wrangler 4xe.

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