Erectile dysfunction: This profession is much more affected, and here’s why –

A recent study by American researchers uncovers an unexpected health problem faced by these space adventurers: erectile dysfunction. Find out why space men and women suffer from these problems more often.

Space exploration, a field at the forefront of technology and science, presents unexpected challenges. Among other things, erectile dysfunction is a major problem for astronauts. This phenomenon, which has been studied extensively by researchers, raises questions about the impact of space conditions on the sexual health of space explorers.

The Risks of Space to Sexual Health

As they explore the cosmic infinity, astronauts face unique dangers. In addition, these risks include Erectile dysfunction is one of them, are confirmed by researchers. Weightlessness and special spatial conditions play a crucial role the occurrence of these dysfunctions.

Note that prolonged exposure to weightlessness is not without health consequences. The Guardian lists possible disorders, including erectile dysfunction. These risks could dampen the enthusiasm of aspiring astronauts. In fact, these diverse and serious risks demonstrate the complexity of space missions.

Revelations about the risks of space and erectile dysfunction astronauts

In July 2023, a respiratory disease Effects on astronauts walking on the moon have been revealed. So this suggests that erectile dysfunction is not the only space-related health problem. A study published in The FASEB Journal further explores these questions.

According to studies on rats, cosmic rays affect sexual health. However, limited to a group of 43 rodentsthis research suggests a connection between them spatial exposure and erectile dysfunction.

The effects of weightlessness and cosmic rays on erectile dysfunction

In a NASA laboratory An experiment was carried out on rats. Some were exposed to weightlessness, others to cosmic radiation. A year later, researchers observed tissue breakdown and blood vessel constriction, which affected erections.

These observations confirm the connection between spatial conditions and erectile dysfunction. However, microgravity and cosmic rays appear to play a crucial role. The scientists point out that the observed effects could be due to rats have different effects on people.