Epic Games is offering a free game on December 24, 2023 and players can face supernatural forces in Tokyo! – Millennium

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It’s been a few years since Epic Games decided to transform itself into Santa Claus to offer a few gifts in advance to all Internet users. For a fortnight you can benefit from a free title every day, which you can pick up directly on the platform. Every day at 5:00 p.m. in the Free Games section of the Epic Games Store, you can download a game that will remain in your library forever. Here is the game for December 24, 2023!

The free Epic Games game this New Year’s Eve is Ghostwire: Tokyo!

  • Direct free download link to Ghostwire: Tokyo on the Epic Games Store.

Released in March 2022 by Tango Gameworks Studios, Ghostwire: Tokyo immerses players in an environment devoid of life and permeated by shadows. The population of the Japanese capital has completely disappeared, and The city streets are haunted by terrifying supernatural forces. To combat this invisible threat, you must learn to master a wide range of evolving elemental powers. Action, supernatural forces, unique battles and mysterious intrigue will be featured in the production!

“Use extraordinary skills to uncover the truth behind this disappearance. Discover all-new single-player content with the Spider’s Thread update!”

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Our opinion on production

“Without being catastrophic, the result is unsatisfactory in almost every area and we are saddened to see so many good ideas being poorly implemented and potential being wasted. The combat system is original but poorly balanced. The atmosphere is intriguing and the city has a real verticality to it, but it’s completely awash with repetitive battles and items to collect. […]

The narration could have saved everything, as the story starts well but quickly falters and ends after just a few hours with no reason to care about it. The production is equally inconsistent, with nice touches like music and voice acting, but graphically the game has significant ups and downs. […] “

(Review written by Raiden Robin on March 21, 2022)

Today’s game is available until 5pm tomorrow. Even if you don’t want to start your adventure right away, don’t forget to grab it from your Epic Games library so you have it at hand… for free!