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Turn off the lights when you leave a room, turn down the heating a little, use energy-saving light bulbs… Such environmentally friendly measures that you can apply at home appeal to everyone, don’t they? And what to do in business? Is it the same? SPIE Facilities works hand in hand with business leaders who want to save more… and more than more!

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We talk about eco-gestures to talk about adopting behaviors and changes that help protect the environment. The goal ? Change our lifestyle towards more sustainable living habits. In companies it is also possible, and some are even housed in GTB buildings, an extremely efficient system in terms of energy savings, but what is it and is it enough to protect the planet?

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What is GTB or technical building management?

Some companies are managed by Technical Building Management (GBT). His job is to control and regulate the technical equipment of the building. She is then able to:

  • Control the heater to ensure a precise and appropriate temperature.
  • Take care of the lighting by turning it off at certain times and controlling the devices.
  • Control air conditioning and ventilation,
  • Secure the building by detecting intrusions, triggering fire alarms, etc.

Sophie Delaitre, CSR manager at SPIE Facilities, says the GBT is certainly “the best there is in terms of energy savings” in companies. But sometimes they are asked to go further…

Can even more energy be saved?

As Sophie Delaitre humorously points out, we are in the age of “always more” and want to go further and higher, be more efficient and achieve “more and more energy savings”.

But what do you do when you, as a business leader, feel like you are doing “everything” to achieve energy efficiency?

After racking her brains a bit, Sophie Delaitre found the solution for one of her clients. When systems are no longer sufficient, people have to play their role again and again!

As the CSR manager says: “Building residents can be energy sobriety’s best friends!” His solution? Put eco-gestures back at the heart of energy sobriety in the company thanks to a fun format: communication kit adapted to the company’s employees to reach and motivate them, an event around the communication kit to unite everyday eco-gestures to give meaning. The goal ? Interest the audience and encourage them to discuss each other’s best practices.

Because even if we don’t see them at the moment, these eco-gestures for little people represent a concrete contribution to protecting our blue planet!

Article created in collaboration with SPIE Facilities