Electric vehicles: Ottawa increases pressure on manufacturers

The new rules announced in Ottawa on Tuesday will further increase the pressure on manufacturers to deliver at least 20% of electric cars to dealers within two years and 100% by 2035.

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“It is a credit system that involves financial penalties. “It’s like handing a multi-millionaire a $250 speeding ticket,” says Martin Archambault, electrical specialist and producer of the “Silence on Roulette” podcast, describing the new rules the Trudeau government announced on Tuesday presented with great fanfare.

In principle, manufacturers who do not deliver their goods have the opportunity to purchase credits from others.

“Large companies could decide to voluntarily pay fines for a while. It will exert pressure, but it will not be an absolute imperative,” analyzes Martin Archambault, who nevertheless welcomes the ambition of the government’s gesture.

After the announcement, Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette accepted the new Canadian standards. “ZEV standards work. Quebec can confirm this,” he said.

“The experiences from Quebec and British Columbia demonstrate very well the effectiveness and importance of such a standard,” said Stéphane Pascalon, President of Tesla Club Quebec.

More than 22.8% electric cars

According to a report by New York-based S&P Global consulted by Le Journal, Quebec has only exceeded 22.8% of electric registrations, but electric vehicles still remain expensive in the eyes of many Quebecers.

Even if we qualify for a purchase rebate of $12,000 ($7,000 from Quebec and $5,000 from Ottawa) and the gas-related savings are thousands of dollars each year, the initial cost in times of Inflation is often difficult to bear.

When asked about the price, federal officials said that by 2030 the price of electric vehicles should be roughly the same as the price of internal combustion cars.

Electric vehicles for $40,000

While the waiting lists to buy an electric car are long, today they are shorter if we rely on the dealers contacted by Le Journal.

We could easily find Leafs ($41,248 to $49,848) or Ariya ($52,998 to $69,998) in stock in the Montreal area this week.

The Ioniq 6 ($54,999 to $63,999) had to wait three or four months at certain retailers. As for the Ioniq 5 ($48,999-$60,999), we had to wait another good year.

Electric vehicles: Ottawa increases pressure on manufacturers

Photo provided by Ian P. Sam Yue Chi

“The waiting lists have melted like snow in the sun over the last year,” noted Ian P. Sam Yue Chi, CEO of the Corporation des Concessionaires Automobiles du Québec (CCAQ).

“We can deliver it in multiple brands immediately,” he added.

Lorraine-Fort Lauderdale for $0

In the camp of people who are convinced by electric cars, Manon Piché, a Tesla driver, is full of praise for this driving style, which has become a true way of life for her.

Electric vehicles: Ottawa increases pressure on manufacturers

Manon Piché believes that the feeling of safety with Tesla’s electric car is greater for long journeys. Photo provided by Manon Piché

The Journal spoke with him in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, after a 1,700-mile journey from Lorraine to his hotel in Florida.

“My 2017 Tesla worked like a charm. It cost $0 because the superchargers are free on the trip. From an environmental point of view, it is emission-free. It’s important to me,” said Manon Piché, operations manager at Martin Chef Inc. Tax Notary.

Why $0? Because early Tesla buyers didn’t pay for Supercharges. That was an advantage.

“It’s the safety aspect of Teslas that gives me peace of mind. Everything is filmed. We are never alone. We are well managed. That’s a big plus for a woman,” sums up the electromobilist, who has just ordered Elon Musk’s futuristic Cybertruck.

– In collaboration with Guillaume St-Pierre and Raphaël Pirro

Ottawa’s new requirements for zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs)

20% ZEVs at Canadian new car dealers in 2026

60% ZEVs at Canadian new car dealers in 2030

100% ZEVs at Canadian new car dealers in 2035

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