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The PVY Z20 Pro is a compact and foldable device that is equipped with interesting and rather rare features, including rims instead of spokes or the ability to charge your smartphone using the bike’s battery. We took a closer look at the PVY Z20 Pro in a test, which you can watch here: Test/review of the PVY Z20 Pro electric bike: elegance, practicality and comfort

It complies with the rules that allow you to travel in France and receive assistance with your purchase and is elegant, comfortable and efficient. And if you’re considering some sporty use on private roads, you can unlock the machine to double its power and remove the 25 km/h speed limit.

E649 for the PVY Z20 PRO folding electric bike 250

A voucher valid on the Banggood website results in a nice discount on the PVY Z20 PRO folding electric bike. With this promotional code you can reduce the price to 649.59 euros (excluding the subscription to the optional shipping guarantee). Small bonus: If you use the shipping method “EU Priority Shipping”, the shipping costs will be covered by Banggood.

This promotion is available by accessing this page. If you use this code when confirming your order you will receive the discount: BGZEROZ20PP. In order to redeem this discount voucher, a Banggood customer account is required. In order to guarantee the purchase, with regard to the timely receipt of the goods but also their good quality, you can pay by invoice PayPal. Please note that the number of uses for this discount voucher is limited. This good plan can therefore end at any time.

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Who is the online retailer Banggood?

The online retailer Banggood is enjoying increasing popularity in France. The explanation is simple: this retailer aimed at the whole world offers high-end objects, from mobile devices to drones, without forgetting the connected home, at prices that are often more competitive than those of the traditional e-commerce giants.

We are well used to established resellers in our country, such as the American Amazon and eBay, the French Cdiscount and Rakuten (formerly Price-Minister). Banggood is a global e-commerce website that fully embraces limitless growth. You will note that the prices shown may change slightly overnight. This is caused by the evolution of currencies between the euro displayed to an Internet user based in Europe and the dollar used as a reference.

Also note: You’ll find that choice is important… but also very limited. The explanation is simple: Products from large, well-known Asian brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OnePlus in the smartphone sector, DJI for drones, but not brands such as Apple or Samsung are listed.