Discover your new look with this virtual makeup application –

With the Ready-to-Makeup makeup application, we can have fun making up our face without spending or buying hundreds of dollars on makeup products. Available on iOS (App Store), Prêt-à-Makeup is a virtual makeup application that has emerged as the best application for iPad 2023.

Would skeleton makeup be a good choice for Halloween? How do you wear makeup like stars Billie Eilish or Jennifer Lopez?

With the Prêt-à-Makeup virtual makeup application, you can access more than 40 styles of digital face models.

Makeup tools allow us to create sublime, natural or fantastic looks from our smartphone or tablet.

We can test whether our makeup suits our skin tone or whether the chosen textures react well to light just by moving our screen!

Ready to apply makeup offers more than 1,200 makeup products, from a simple eye pencil to a highlighter, matte lipstick or gloss, including eye shadows and shadows, foundations and eyebrow tint.

How to apply makeup to the face with ready-to-makeup?

  • We start with Choose from various blank face sketch templatesAlso called face charts in technical jargon.
  • Then we can Apply all kinds of makeup products, powders, creams, shiners, glitters and pencils to create realistic or completely original looks for occasions such as Halloween. We can even create our own model!
  • Once we have created our look, We can save it and even share it on our social networks. If inspiration ever comes to us a little later, we can work on it again and modify our creation.
  • Ready to apply makeup

    Like a drawing application, all you need to do is click on the makeup tool you want to apply with your finger, a stylus or even the Apple Pencil, as the application is compatible with iPhone devices and iPad (iOS 15.0 or later).

    Then, depending on the product you choose, you can choose from various available shades with metallic, shiny, matte effects, etc.

    Ready to apply makeup

    Our brush strokes can follow the lines and curves of our face or be completely extravagant. The invert function is also really well thought out as it allows you to copy the make-up from one side of the face to the other, similar to a mirror effect.

    In addition, Prêt-à-makeup offers kits that allow us to classify makeup products thematically.

    So it’s going to be really interesting not to compromise our makeup products to do testing! At that price we don’t want to waste it!

    Although thanks to Club Boomerang there is always a way to get money back at Watier, Marcelle or Sephora! I’m just saying it!

    Is the Prêt-à-Makeup app easy to use?

    The app is really simple and fun. Unlike a photo editing app, no special drawing or makeup skills are required to create our look.

    We can even add text and images to our models to make them even more interesting.

    The app also provided video tutorials to help us through the process.

    Ready to apply eye makeup

    Is the Prêt-à-Makeup makeup application free?

    You can download the Prêt-à-Makeup mobile application free for iOS via the App Store and test some features. If you want to extend the creative experience even further, a subscription is required to access the many other interesting features.

    Is the Prêt-à-Makeup makeup app available for Android?

    If you use an Android tablet, you should not be confused by the mobile application of the same name, but created by a different developer. Currently, the pret-à-makeup application in question is only available for iOS.

    The virtual makeup application Prêt-à-Makeup is included in the selection of the best applications and games of 2023, according to Apple.

    Because of its innovative and accessible features (the application is currently available in 12 languages ​​in 170 countries), we understand why Apple named Prêt-à-Makeup among its best iPad applications for 2023.


    Ready to apply makeup