Discover a preview of the new Antibes cinema – Have a nice morning

In the suspense film genre, the Marenda-Lacan Cinéplanet complex knows how to do it.

This Saturday, December 16th, the organizer Philippe Borys-Combret was able to keep his audience in suspense during a preview visit in the presence of Jean Leonetti, mayor of Antibes.

On the program: plot twists and cliffhangers (in the English terminology of works of fiction, a kind of open ending that is left in limbo to create strong expectations).

So the answer to the fateful question “When will the rooms be open to the public” is dotted. It will actually be next Thursday, December 21st. As announced.

But not for everyone. What was not specified: the public will be selected, the evening will be private. Reserved for the elite of the Riviera’s cultural world.

So when can you actually buy a ticket? Tension again. “Everything will depend on the security commission on December 19th. Maybe from the 22nd or 23rd,” predicts Philippe Borys-Combret.

Who is quick to be cautious: “The opening should take place gradually by mid-February and the launch of our most beautiful immersive room with Dolby Atmos.”

How many of the eight rooms will be ready for occupancy in the near future – next weekend? “We do not know yet.” Inside the complex (three floors, 4,000 m²) the arduous atmosphere of battle reigns.

“It’s time for the finishing touches,” the manager reassures, looking at the cables still running on the floor, the speakers still exposed at the feet of the large screens and the soon-to-be-lit hallways.

The race against time that began in January is coming to an end after the handover of the development building was delayed by three years.

Tour of the places.

1. “The Dolby Atmos Room”

Photo Sebastien Botella.

The screen is the size of a basketball court. Image and sound will be of the highest resolution. The latest state of the art. The pinnacle of immersion.

“In France there are only eleven rooms fully equipped with Dolby Atmos. Now there is one in Antibes,” argues operator Philippe Borys-Combret. Technicians from California are still calibrating the sound.

In terms of comfort, the two meter depth between the individual rows of seats contrasts with the narrowness of some of the competing rooms.

In this “premium” model, the chairs are even mobile. To enjoy this comfort, you have to expect to pay around 6 euros more than the adult price of 12.90 euros.

2. “Still under construction”

Photo Sebastien Botella.

Air hockey tables and pinball machines are sleeping under plastic for the time being.

Priority for standards: The safety commission is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The complex is expected to be fully completed by mid-February.

3. “Magnificent panorama”

Photo Sebastien Botella.

The roof terrace almost steals the show with the huge screens. A breathtaking view. Everything is there: Fort Carré, Mercantour, Saracen Towers, Garoupe.

To benefit from this, you have to wait until next spring until the space is rented to a restaurateur. Performances under the starry sky are also planned in summer.

4. “Cinema in the city center”

Photo Sebastien Botella.

The manager, Philippe Borys-Combret, is an ardent supporter of local cinema.

“People prefer to go to the city center rather than to industrial areas. And even if it is more complicated to build and develop, the challenge has been overcome. This only happens once every 50 years.”